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Skewed Focus on the Hill


The Obama administration is in danger of becoming distracted by the clamor for retribution regarding atrocities that may or may not have been committed in Guantánamo Bay. Unelected groups like Amnesty International and the ACLU have decided to lead the charge and create an agenda for the American people. The American people elected the good President, to address the key issues: economic crisis, Iraq war, intensifying conflict in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, North Korea, health care, housing crisis, and the floundering credit market.

Quite frankly, Amnesty International and the ACLU should seriously consider moving their headquarters to Somalia. Both these organizations have consistently taken anti-governmental positions regardless of the year or administration. There is nothing to be gained from any suggested witch hunt about torture. Remarks made by some that we should create a commission to discuss the matter even if there is no intended or impending punishment are fruitless.

If we are not going to punish anyone for presumed atrocities then why discuss it? Surely other issues are more important and germane than a potentially time consuming parade of hearings about torture. The procedure and findings resulting from any such cockamamie kangaroo court will only take up valuable time and needlessly polarize the nation in these times.

There is nothing to be gained from investigating and or prosecuting anyone for anything that happened at Guantánamo Bay. All individuals concerned were acting in the defense of our nation. They took what they perceived as steps to protect all of us from any harm. Yes, they went overboard with the water boarding but so what, it’s over. I hope no one thinks that if we proceed with this witch hunt and embarrass our fellow Americans, that the terrorists will send us cake and ice cream to celebrate the trivial pursuit.

I disagree with making the so called torture memos public. Sure, one can make a compelling argument for doing so, but the converse is also true. The question is what’s good for the nation right now? I think declassification and release of the memos will compromise our CIA. Most people will say the opposite in public in an attempt to preserve the integrity of the agency. However, I think the ultimate truth is quite the opposite.

There are times when individuals in that profession will have to shoot first and ask questions later, if you will. No administration should succumb to the temptation of exposing the possible atrocities of the previous or any past government, at least not in the United States. That could start a dangerous precedent and will make us vulnerable to our enemies. The fact is, every administration has a different philosophy and will do things differently. I am certain that there were actions taken during World War II which do not measure up to the philosophy or mores of those attempting to engage in this hunt. However, may I remind them that the end result of that war made us all who we are today.

The media types clamoring for retribution with hearings and the usual fiasco are simply looking for a story to cover. They are looking to sell papers, magazines and generate advertising revenue. So, again greed will threaten our nation’s safety. We need to get back on course and focus on the key issues.

Leon T


Lacy is an award-winning food writer and blogger. She lives in Westminster with her family. Google

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