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Magic Wand Workshop for Kids


OK, show of hands: how many of you have at least one friend or family member (or yourself!) planning to go dressed as a character from Harry Potter for Halloween? I’m betting that even in these post-seventh-book days we live in, there are still a fair few.

courtesy Acme Wand Supply

courtesy Acme Wand Supply

Take the Potterhead in your life down to the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery on October 24th to meet Wand Wizard Kevin Brady. If you’ve been in the co-op arts space, you’ve certainly seen his display of fantastic wooden wizard wands with their intricate carvings and inlaid power gems.

Kids of all ages will be able to design and craft their own wand at the session utilizing different combinations of the many materials provided. “Beware, there are certain material combinations that are more conducive
to the transmission of metaphysical energy sufficient to affect a spell!” according to the Wand Wizard.

For more information, call 303-443-3683 or email [email protected].


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