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The Empowered Psychic


When Rosemary came to Colorado in the mid ’90s, she started having dreams of a place she had never heard of. She felt strongly that she had to move there. One morning over breakfast, she asked her husband if there was such a place as Estes Park, or if she’d just dreamed it.

More than a decade later, Rosemary still lives in Estes Park and she says she’s come home for good. Born and raised in Scotland, she knew from a very young age that she would come to the states to help people. And so she does, running her business and several organizations—the American Association of Psychics, the American Association of Healers and others—out of an office in her home.

Rosemary is a world-renowned psychic medium and healer. She travels all over the United States and Canada teaching laypeople and fellow psychics alike her techniques for self-healing as well as reaching into the spirit world to bring messages about the past, the future and those who have passed on.

Just as important, however, is her work here on this plane, running her associations.
“My concern now is for so many people who are getting ripped off,” she explained.
Her organizations are some of the world’s largest directories of psychic mediums and healers, but she will only accept people who are “professional, credible and ethical.” She takes great umbrage with “dollar-a-minute” psychics and psychic hotlines that try to keep people coming back time and time again just to wring more money from their patrons.

“My goal is to empower people to help themselves,” Rosemary said.

Her process, especially for self-healing, is to show people that they have a potential to help themselves, and then have them walk away with the tools to heal themselves on their own.

“We’re all learning from each other all the time,” she said.

When asked how she addresses skeptics, she says she’s heard it all.

“Everyone is entitled to their own belief,” she said, “but I have a very good reputation. No one has ever come away from a session with me still doubting.”

See Rosemary the Celtic Lady in person at the Rialto Theatre in Loveland for her Spirit Talk program, in which she passes on messages from the other side, Nov. 5 at 7pm.


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