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Single Minded


The single life: It’s lamented in song, engorged with depravity on TV, and made depressing, sad and pathetic in movies. But in the real world (the actual real world, not the television show), it’s a lot less debauchery-filled, less dramatic and less like a Grey’s Anatomy re-run. Being single is a different experience for everyone: some loath the feeling of loneliness, some love the freedom to fly solo and some just enjoy having the toilet seat down. One thing is clear though, love and loving life is not saved for those who have found their soul mates. So, on V-Day, we celebrate the bachelors and bachelorettes in our towns, cities and neighborhoods. From the suburbia of Superior to the bars of Boulder, we sat down with some scintillating local singles at Broomfield’s Aloft to talk love, life and letting loose. Hair and make-up by Salon Cosabella in Broomfield’s Arista.

At Broomfield’s Aloft (left to right): Marjie Hargrave, Justin Hoese, Amy L. Neill, Sherrie Glogosh, Robbie Weisser, Sarah Schuck, Nick Rancis, Carolanne McKirnan, Scott Burrow, Lisa Varga, Gordon Golding. To inquire about YS’s singles, email singles@yellowscene.com.

Robbie Weisser
Age: 26.  Profession: Social service for Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Philosophy on being single or dating: When you’re single, you only have yourself to depend on. Favorite part of being single: More freedom with your time and schedule. Dream date: Snowshoeing in the Austrian Alps, star-gazing and drinking champagne. Ideal partner: Joy Behar but younger…and male. When I’m not working: I’m running, playing tennis, taking my dog for long walks, reading in the park, catching a movie. Place you’ll find me on a Friday evening: Sucking down martinis with good friends, laughing, gossiping and possibly singing. Guilty pleasure: Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Not-so guilty pleasure: Reading. Your best quality: I listen. Quality you want in a partner: Confidence. Celebrity crush: Jake Gyllenhaal (Hey Jakey baby, if you’re reading this…) Opposites attract or birds of a feather: Just like Paula sang, opposites attract. Secret talent or habit: I can’t tell, my mother might see this. Happiness is: Loving life, who you are and what you’re doing. Love is: All around.

Lisa Varga
Age: 53. Profession: Hospital administration—physician relations marketing manager at Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center. One word that describes your dating life: Serendipitous. Philosophy on being single or dating: Life is short. Don’t waste it. Favorite part of being single: No fighting over the covers. Dream date: Hiking, biking, cross-country skiing or tennis—followed by dinner! Ideal partner: Funny but grounded. When I’m not working: Working out, playing in the mountains or relaxing with a good book. Place you’ll find me on a Friday evening: Walking my dog. Guilty pleasure: Chocolate, red wine and potato chips. Not-so guilty pleasure: Great wine. Your best quality: Not taking myself too seriously. One quality you really want in a partner: Compassion. Celebrity crush: Matthew McConaughey. Opposites attract or birds of a feather: Birds of a feather. Secret talent or habit: Not telling. Success is: The opposite of failure and neither are permanent. Happiness is: What you make of life. Love is: Something to be treasured.

Nick Rancis 
Age: 27. Profession: Biochemical engineer at BioVantage Resources/managing partner at Tierra Verde Consulting. Word that describes your dating life: Amicable. Philosophy on being single: Discover your world, and then with all your heart, give yourself to it. Favorite part of being single: Unabridged world travel. Dream date: An IPA, pool and confessing vices does it just right. Ideal partner: Charismatic and comfortable with themselves. When I’m not working: I’m flyfishing. Place you’ll find me on a Friday evening: Supporting my local drinking establishments. Guilty pleasure: Sandwiches. Your best quality: Ability to make any situation better and more enjoyable for those around me. One quality you really want in a partner: Should not have a Facebook profile of their dog/cat, but other than that, I enjoy animal lovers. Celebrity crush: Katherine Heigl. Secret talent or habit: I relentlessly support education—just don’t look at my report card when I was young. Success is: Happiness. Happiness is: Success. Love is: A perpetual state of mind.

Sarah Schuck
Age: 32. Profession: Marketing manager, Old Chicago Restaurants. Philosophy on being single: You can learn something new about yourself and how you interact with the world by getting to know others; this carries over to my dating life. Favorite part of being single: Turning up the thermostat. Dream date: A long day at the beach. Watching the day break with a cup of coffee, surfing, laying in the hot sand with cold beers, BBQing to Brazilian jazz, a sunset walk, naming stars and sharing affection. Ideal partner: A man’s man who is charismatic and real. Somebody who others gravitate toward and enjoy being around. Guilty pleasure: Vino and cigars but no guilt! Not-so guilty pleasure: Fruit and veggies—I’m a big eater and snack all day, so I stick to what mother nature gave us to stay energetic and fit. Quality you want in a partner: Kindness. Love is: Easy. I know it is a cliché but I don’t do drama and believe you should simply have a sense of peace and warm fuzzies. Nobody’s perfect so you must be flexible and forgiving—get over it and get on with enjoying life!   

Scott Burrow
Age: 29. Profession: Sales and marketing management, Altitude Spirits (Vodka 14) A word to describe your dating life: F.U.N. Philosophy on being single: Being open to meeting new people. Favorite part of being single: My rules all the time…Spontaneity! Dream date: Honestly, I don’t have one. They are all an adventure aren’t they? Ideal partner: Someone who enjoys life, is athletic, family oriented, motivated and likes to be lazy as well. When I’m not working: When is that exactly again? But, sports for sure… triathlon, skiing, running, soccer, watching the Broncos! Place you’ll find me on a Friday evening: Pedaling my product, out, or resting up for a big Saturday morning swim workout. Your best quality: Humility. One quality you really want in a partner: Sense of humor. Celebrity crush: Sandra Bullock/Sarah Palin—Toss-up there. Opposites attract or birds of a feather: Depends on the person. Success is: Addicting and being viewed as a good person. Happiness is: About balance and following your internal compass. Love is: Hard.

Carolanne McKirnan
Age: 53. Profession: I own the only European bed and bath linen shop in Boulder, McKirnan Bed and Bath Co. It allows me to help people create a refuge of comfort and beauty in their homes. One word that describes your dating life: Spontaneous. Philosophy on being single: Enjoy it while you are. Favorite part of being single: Independence. Dream date: Solo cello concert in a chapel in Paris. Ideal partner: Smart, kind, artistic, funny and fit. When I’m not working: I’m exploring. On a Friday evening, you’ll likely find me: Out with friends. Guilty pleasure: Netflix. Not so guilty pleasure: The fact that I have the most wonderful bedding in town. Your best quality: Might be that I have enough sense not to try and answer that question. One quality you really want in a partner: Artistic talent. Celebrity crush: The original Dr. Who or Seamus Heaney. Can I have two? Opposites attract or birds of a feather: A bird in the hand… Secret talent or habit: Parallel parking. Success is: Immaterial. Happiness is: Very fun. Love is: Real.

Amy L. Neill
Age: 36. Profession: President, OX & CO. A word to describe your dating life: Wow. On being single: Build a life for yourself that is so epic, that to bring someone else in either enhances the dream…or skip it. If you’re describing your love life with the word, “meh”, it’s probably time to move on. Favorite part of being single: The sheer alliteration of the status. Think of all the “s” words that are paired with “single,” i.e.: super, sexy, secure, successful… selfish. Just kidding. Kinda. Dream date: One so natural that another is inevitable, and a pleasure. When I’m not working: I’m networking. Place you’ll find me on a Friday evening: Downtown Boulder. Out with one or 100 of my favorite sort of single, and non-single, folk. Your best quality: My intensity. I live (and love) front and center, out loud, and like I mean it. When push comes to shove, I’m a great gal to have in your corner. Opposites attract or birds of a feather: Birds of a feather. I like a strong man with an affinity for my inner Alpha-She.  Happiness is: Coming to the conclusion that you deserve it. Love is: A gift, meant to be offered and received, sans the strings.

Justin Hoese
Age: 37. Profession: General Manager, Alpine Lumber Co. One word that describes your dating life: Complicated. Philosophy on dating: Quality, not quantity. Dream date: Any that end in the a.m. Ideal partner: I will let you know when I find her. When I’m not working: I am cycling or enjoying time with friends and family. Place you’ll find me on a Friday evening: The Rio. Guilty pleasure: Red wine. Not-so guilty pleasure: Carbon fiber bike parts. Your best quality: Sense of humor. One quality you really want in a partner: Confidence or high self-esteem. Celebrity crush: Rainbeau Mars (yoga goddess). Opposites attract or birds of a feather: Birds of a feather Secret talent or habit: I can tie cherry stems in a knot, in my mouth with my tongue. A double if needed, to get the job done! Success is: A double knot. Happiness is: Inner peace. Love is: Being with some one who makes your knees buckle and your heart flutter when you look into their eyes.

Sherrie Glogosh

Age: 66. Profession: “Green” interior designer/professional ski instructor.
Word to describe your dating life: If he skis, I’ll think about dating him. Favorite part of being single: That the toilet seat is always down when it is supposed to be! Dream date: Going skiing all day with a guy who can actually ski. Returning from an incredible day on the slopes to share a meal that we make with a stellar glass of wine. Ideal partner: Someone who shares my sports, music and the spirituality of nature. A person who I can respect for both intellect and humor. Someone who loves to share his life and interests with me! Guilty pleasure: High-quality ice cream… but I never feel guilty! Not-so guilty pleasure: Sex. Your best quality: I have two. My sense of humor, and I rarely get angry. It’s a waste of energy. One quality you really want in a partner: Being an amazing communicator. Celebrity crush: Johnny Depp, hands down. Success is: Feeling great about yourself and your efforts at the end of the day! Happiness is: Sharing my life with my two adult kids. And being accepted into theirs. Love is: Experiencing all that is good in life and being appreciative and grateful for it.

Gordon Golding
Age: 54. Profession: Computer support for CU researchers. Dream date: Go back to my favorite wine country in Italy and cook dinner together. Ideal partner: Loves international cuisine; intellectual or worldly. When I’m not working: I’m in the shop being fixed by techies. Place you’ll find me on a Friday evening: Nice. happy hour or cooking a nice dinner. Guilty pleasure: Wish I had some of that. Love to give massages but have no opportunity. Not-so guilty pleasure: Getting out in the mountains, going to a small venue concert, stopping at a microbrewery afterward. Your best quality: I’m caring. One quality you really want in a partner: Good partnering skills. Celebrity crush: Helen Mirren. Opposites attract or birds of a feather: Opposites attract and create huge amounts of energy until the anti-matter implosion. With feathers, you’ve got a bit of insulation and don’t risk total annihilation. Secret talent or habit: We have to get to know each other before I can tell you that. Success is: Waking up in the morning and not having enough time for all the wonderful things you like to do. Love is: Oh my God! Shakespeare couldn’t define it—what do you expect from me?

Marjie Hargrave
Age: 46. Profession: Former CFO of an energy company in Denver. Recently left to be a stay at home wife—without the wife part. One word that describes your dating life: Optimistic! Philosophy on being single or dating: Being different is a good thing. By that I mean, being in the mainstream isn’t always great. Favorite part of being single: It has made me more adventurous. Dream date: Having someone plan the date, make the reservation, drive and then having the person order for me. I do everything in my life and it’s nice to have someone else do everything for a date. Ideal partner: Smart, funny, non-judgmental and an extrovert, and tall dark and handsome doesn’t deter me either. When I’m not working: Hanging with my daughter, doing home projects and entertaining. Place you’ll find me on a Friday evening: Winding down from the week, spending time with friends and family. Guilty pleasure: Chardonnay. Your best quality: Generosity. Quality you want in a partner: Humor. Celebrity crush: Jon Stewart. Secret talent or habit: I can moonwalk. Love is: Smiling every time you hear his voice or see his face.


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