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Boy Meets Girl


Yellow Scene looked for love… and found it. Here, four high-schooled sweethearts discuss how they’ve made puppy love last.

Couple No. 1.

Names: Alvin Lynn Benham and Mona Lee Coffman Benham

How old were you when you met?

a) We were brought into the world by the same doctor but not the same day.
b) We were seen dancing at a Church Musical Function at the age of 5.
c) We both entered High School in the same class at Wellsville High School in Wellsville, KS. But didn’t pay much attention to each other our Freshman year.
d) We really met when Mona invited Al to her 16th Birthday party and she proceeded to have Al as her partner in all the games.

Was it love at first sight?

Not when we danced at age 5, nor during our Freshman Year in High School but you could say it was “Love at First Sight” at her 16th Birthday Party! We started dating immediately and never stopped.

What’s the key to your lasting relationship?

I’d say similar likes and dislikes, tolerance and respect of the other when likes and dislikes don’t match. Children also help keep a marriage together with common purpose, goals and the importance of working together to raise great kids.

Couple No. 2

Names: Rhett & Rebecca Wells

How old were you when you met: Rhett was 16, Rebecca was 14

How did you meet?

Our best friends were dating off and on. During one of their “off” times, Rhett called Rebecca’s best friend to help sort things out. Rebecca was staying the night with her friend and became annoyed with the situation—especially the fact that a stranger was consoling her friend! Rhett asked to talk to Rebecca, so he could very boldly point out that she wasn’t being very supportive. That boldness struck a chord with Rebecca. She secretly got excited when her friend gave Rhett her number at his request. A few ridiculously long phone conversations later, one of which Rhett encouraged Rebecca to break up with her boyfriend, there you have it.

Birds of a feather or opposites attract?

On the important things like values, morals and goals we’re in sync. However, with practically everything else it’s “opposites attract!!” It’s all for the best, though. We make each other whole.

What has been your key to having a successful relationship?

Can’t stress enough the importance of communication. …It’s absolutely the foundation of how well we engage with each other. Also, for us, we can’t get too comfortable. We’ve found that it works for us to keep each other on our toes at all times. We challenge each other, ask the hard questions, and at the end of the day, figure out a way to express our love for one another.

Couple No. 3

Names: Mark and Zoe Montalbano

How old were you when you met: 16

Was it love at first sight?

Yes, but it took Mark a long time to realize Zoe really liked him. We hung out a lot, but it took several months before he even tried to kiss her!

How did you meet?

Zoe was invited by a mutual friend to go see a band practice in a warehouse in a seedy part of town (Houston). We went, and there was Mark, the guitarist, and she was immediately impressed by him (not by the music!). She didn’t realize he went to her high-school until she saw him there the next day. They went to a really big school.

What has been your key to having a successful relationship?

We’re very fortunate. We’ve gone through so many ups and downs together, and we’re really best friends at the core. We got sober together when we were just a couple of years into the relationship, and that was a huge bonding experience. We had outside support with the endeavor, and we found a spiritual path together, which also helped us to stay close, especially through the rough times. Now as time goes on, it is what we’ve built together that helps to keep us strong. We don’t take our relationship for granted.

What does romance look like in your marriage?

It is like many aspects of life—sometimes it’s easy and we’re very happily in love and we feel really close. Other times it takes more effort, especially when we get busy with work and caught up in doing too much, stress, etc. We sometimes have to remind ourselves to take time for each other, and to schedule date-nights and such. We enjoy watching classic movies cuddled up together on the couch, going for walks, holding hands, and enjoying simple pleasures. Having another child on the way, oddly, has made us talk more about creating special time for ourselves with each other.

Couple No. 4

Names: Steve and Dorothy Podel

How old were you when you met?

We were 16 when we first met.

Was it love at first sight?

We were friends for awhile before we fell in love.

How did you meet?

We met in high school through a mutual friend.

How long have you been officially together?

We have been together 35 five years!

Birds of a feathers or opposites attract?

Opposites attract.
What has been your key to having a successful relationship?

The key to a successful relationship is finding your soul mate. Then you always need to respect the other’s feelings and never take each other for granted.

What does romance look like in your marriage?

Romance is sharing the things you love to do with the person you love to be with.


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