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Drinks to Remember


The art of pairing liquids with solids is no small genius.

Take, for example, the Slovenian wines we recently tasted at Frasca. Slovenia’s proximity to the Friuli region of Italy, on which the cuisine of Frasca is based, makes the pairing logical, but nevertheless unusual and exciting. Ask their Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey to recommend a bottle to accompany your meal.

Sometimes, the pairing is a little more obvious. At Longmont’s Richard’s On Third, for example, the New Mexican-inspired Southwest cuisine cries out to be alongside a killer margarita. With about 3.5 ounces of alcohol per drink, Richard’s excellent traditional margaritas will clearly knock your socks off. But if you’re interested in spinning things a little differently, head over to Waterloo in Louisville and ask for their newest creation (available this summer): a margarita with muddled cucumber and jalapenos that will both cool you off and spice up your evening.

The perfect beverage need not be alcoholic to satisfy a craving. We often go to Sun Rose Café in Longmont specifically for their sweetly refreshing lavender lemonade and order a sandwich or salad on the side. On a warm afternoon, there’s nothing better, and the herbal sweetness of the lavender manages to be fresh, never perfumey. And of course, nothing cools the burn of a rich curry better than the sweet lassi served at Himalayas Boulder.

Finally, as the meal winds to a close, many diners like to reach for a little something. May we suggest Coretto, the coffee liqueur from local distiller Roundhouse Spirits? The flavors of fresh-roasted coffee, a hint of vanilla and just the right amount of sweetness make this the perfect after-dinner drink, addition to your evening coffee or a rich sauce for your choice of desserts. —Lacy Boggs


Lacy is an award-winning food writer and blogger. She lives in Westminster with her family.Google

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