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Into The Wild: 2nd Annual Superkids Issue


Kids these days…
Smart, curious and in touch, the children of today are a new breed. They’ve earned the nickname “digital natives” and, way before they can diagram sentences, they are showing their parents how to send a text message or update their Facebook status.

But these kiddos’ hyper-connected nature does not mean they need to sit around playing video games all day. Yellow Scene has set out to explore being a kid in Boulder County. What follows is a field guide for fun finds, practical resources and advice, and all around need-to-know stuff. Find out what your teens are actually saying (Who is this Lady Gaga and what the heck is a bestie?). Check out options for summer fun. Learn how to get your kid off the couch. And more.

A Crash Course in Camps
There are (almost) countless ways for your kids to spend their dog days of summer. Arts camps, science camps, outdoors camps, volleyball camps, Renaissance-adventure camp. The list goes on and on…and on. But how does one choose? Betsy Strohmaier, director of Altogether Outdoors & Mountain Day Camp, and David Secunda, Avid4 Adventure program director, help you find out. First, give the camp director a call and ask some questions:

What’s the Word?

The English language is becoming altered with slang terms and watered down with text-message lingo. Merriam and Webster may have turned over in their graves. If you know your kid is speaking English—but still can’t understand them—then start decoding. Here, a glossary of technical teen terms.

Turning Dreams into Reality
Daydreaming knows no bounds, especially when it comes to your kid. But who says kids get to have all the daydreaming fun? While science will one day allow you turn your child into a beautiful, blond aeronautical engineer with perfect pitch, for now you must opt for personal growth through education. Want your toddler to become an artist, a soccer player or golfer? Or, perhaps, all of the above? There is a place for them to expand their abilities and turn your daydreams into reality.

Getting to Know You
There is no time like the present to find a hobby you can enjoy with your kids. Family time is not saved for the dinner table. From running to fishing, here are a few options:

Swim Time

Swimming might be the best part of summer…especially during those dry, hot days. And for kids, summer is defined by hours spent doggie paddling in the deep end and playing poolside with friends. Here is a guide to a few of our favorite local swimming facilities—both outdoor and indoor. From rope swings and crazy slides to lap lanes and kiddie pools, these swimming spots will keep your children chilled all summer long. Also, check out the local YMCA for pools and more.

Seven Ways to Spend a Summer Day

Never hear that dreaded “I’m bored…” again. Here’s a full week’s worth of boredom busters that are sure to keep you and the kids happy and happily entertained.

Growing Green Kids
Saving the world is hard work. But your kids can learn a greener way of life before they even learn to say “carbon emissions.” If you play your cards right and teach them the right lessons in the right way, sustainability will become second nature to them.

This One Time, at Band Camp
YS staffer learns to rock…and roll with the punches


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