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A Cinematic Blockbuster


It’s that time again: The films have been chosen, the venues prepared and the escalating anticipation could almost pop the lid off of Boulder.

The Boulder International Film Festival, Feb. 17-20, will bring record-breaking crowds, phenomenal indie films and documentaries and celebrity guests such as famed producer and director Oliver Stone and Oscar-nominated actor James Franco. Certainly, Boulder’s cinematic baby is growing up.

“And (growth is) a real wonderful thing, but it’s also challenging because we want to maintain the same quality of organization for the festival and manage all of the great crowds that we have effectively,” said festival director and founder Kathy Beeck.

Of course, celebrity guests are not the only things to be excited about. This year, BIFF will conduct a People’s Choice Award, which will be presented on closing night. The festival will also present its very first 3D film showing, Carmen in 3D, at Cinemark Century Boulder on Feb. 20. And the Digital Media Symposium—Feb. 18 at the St. Julien Hotel—is back this year. The panel for the symposium is fierce and not to be missed. Local and national notable film figures will be present.

Also, Call 2 Action discussions will again be paired with certain films. Community groups as well as filmmakers will discuss social and emotional happenings within the films. They will discuss the importance of taking action based on what the film teaches.

“It is a great way to mobilize people, and people in this area are activist-minded anyway,” Beeck told Yellow Scene in a recent interview.

Beeck’s passion for film and love of Boulder is obvious when she talks about cinematic integrity.

“Film has the power to change people’s lives, and the people who see these films have the power to change other people’s lives,” she said.

And truly that is obvious within the festival, which she and her sister founded seven years ago. For Beeck, it’s not just about the crowds and celebrities. She loves having the chance to share powerful films with people in her community.

The lineup of films this year is superb and it’s now online for your viewing pleasure. You can view the program online at biff1.com/biff_program.html

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