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8 Edible Cheapies Plus 5 Tasty Freebies


Buying local is delicious, but with a dozen cupcake-worthy occasions a month and teens with tenacious appetites, something’s gotta give and it shouldn’t be the vacation savings. Show off that yogurt-instead-of-bacon body somewhere fabulous this year.

8 Edible Cheapies

1. The best deal on Noosa Yoghurt (no other yogurt compares) is the 5-pound tub sold at the Boulder Farmer’s Market. Buy more than one and they’re $10 each.

2. For specialty cupcakes, Tee and Cakes in Boulder’s $28 dozen beats out other local bakeries, but sadly, Walmart’s premade or made to order $6 dozen are cheapest. Costco’s cupcakes are the best middle ground, tasty as they come and $15.99.

3. Hole-in-the-wall breakfasts should be cheap, a little dirty and super delicious. On average, Great Scotts in Broomfield (average cost $5.50) and the Village Coffee Shop in Boulder (average cost $6.10) boast the cheapest breakfasts, with the Walnut Café following up a close second (average cost $6.20). We wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. To share a dainty dessert for two, hit up Bácaro Venetian Tavern for its $6 tirami sú alla trevisana, a ladyfinger soaked in espresso layered with soft mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder, or The Med for its $4.50 lemon buttercup. For higher quantity, order the West End Tavern’s cookie sundae and feed as many as four for $6.

5. Eat froyo like a it’s going out of style at 44 cents an ounce, with toppings, at Ripple and Aspen Leaf in Boulder. Golden Spoon in Broomfield, as plain froyo, is cheaper by two cents an ounce.

6. Those with a sweet tooth froyo just can’t reach will find Cold Stone ice cream surprisingly cheap at $9.99 for a half gallon and authentic Boulder ice cream at Glacier $30 for a gallon tub, ordered in advance.

7. When sugary buyer’s remorse kicks in, hit up Ela Family Farms for the cheapest CSA in the Front Range area at $270 for the full season and $215 for the late season.

8. For the tastiest happy hour for the most reasonable price, hit up The Med in Boulder and score $2–$5 tapas, pizza and bruschetta among other awesome shareable Mediterranean nibbles.

Plus, 5 Tasty Freebies

1. Snag Chili’s chips and queso free just for signing up for the email list.

2. Slurp a free 7.11 oz. Slurpee at 7-Eleven every July 11.

3. Panera’s member cards are free and so are the bonus gifts. Free pastries? Yes, please.

4. The Unseen Bean offers 10 percent off of a different sight-free coffee every month. Visit theunseenbean.com/shop/ for this month’s deal.

5. Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day was in April this year. Visit benjerry.com/scoop-shops/feature/free-cone-day/ for the next free day.

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