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The Bolder Life: Take a Bite Out of Boulder


In 2010, Bon Appetit Magazine declared Boulder, The Foodiest Town in America in a great article highlighting a Boulderite’s fierce love of gourmet calore consumption along with their energetic passion for burning said calories off.

It seems like each month brings a new, well-deserved award to be displayed in the windows and lobbies of Boulder’s big name restaurants—which is fantastic for Boulder’s foodie reputation, but can be pretty taxing on the average diner’s wallet. There’s definitely a strong correlation between the number of awards a restaurant possesses, and the prices listed in bold print on their menus. It seems like the more accolades a restaurant has, the more they charge for their sought after dishes, making it more difficult for the majority of the general food-adoring public to sample the culinary delights that gave Boulder it’s foodie crown.

Thankfully, First Bite Boulder, (Boulder’s answer to restaurant week), is coming up. For the week of November 11-19th, over 40 of Boulder’s most popular eateries are offering three-course menus for $26.00. Yep. You read that right. While an entrée at some of these high-end dining establishments can reach $26.00 alone, for this one week in November, eager diner’s will spend $26.00 for an appetizer, entrée and dessert created by some of the most respected Chef’s in the local culinary scene.

So, food-lovers of Boulder County—now is your chance to get a taste of what the buzz on Boulder’s foodie culture is really all about. Sample foods made from fresh produce harvested from local farms along with innovative creations and exceptional, seasonal menu items.

And if you’ve already had the chance to dine at the majority of the participating First Bite Boulder restaurants, take next week to get off the grid and experience some of Boulder’s surrounding restaurants such as: Colterra in Niwot, Zamperelli’s in Lafayette, the Lyons Fork in Lyons and the Greenbriar Inn—(which technically boasts a Boulder address but can be found almost smack dab in between Boulder and the Town of Lyons).

Eat, drink, and unlock your inner foodie.

And if I could give you one tip on making the most of First Bite Boulder—it would to make to make reservations! Ensure your seat at one of these local eateries and check out the First Bite Boulder website to enter a drawing for your chance to win a First Bite dinner for two at any of the establishments on the list. Trust me. In the quest for foodie domination, the more visits you make each of the restaurants on the list, the more foodie points you score, and the more you can impress your friends at their dinner parties by using proper culinary terms to give your rating on the dinner menu.

Click here for a full list of participating restaurants and their First Bite Boulder menus.