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The Bolder Life: ‘Tis the Season


‘Tis the season for—what else—company holiday parties.

Time to spend a few unpaid hours with your co-workers. Time to drink martinis and cocktails on your boss’s tab and fill up your Facebook page with incriminating photos of your cubicle neighbors. And most of all, it’s time to build moral. Time for the boss to give an exceptionally captivating speech that will motive staff members for one more year and time for the staff to share their well thought out business models that typically involve an increase in their personal salary.

The best holiday parties involve events that shouldn’t be talked about at the water cooler, but usually end up being shared with everyone from the postal worker that delivers the mail on Monday, to your boss’s sister who heard from her sister-in-law about the office party shenanigans.

So whether you are the boss, or you got stuck planning the holiday party this year– check out the venues below. You’ll be sure to be a hit. Your co-workers will probably feel the need to buy you drinks all night and will only say good things about you at the water cooler come Monday.

Lucky Pie Pizza | 637 Front St. | Louisville
Contact: Tony Firestone | 3.666.5743 |
[email protected]
Event Space: Seating for up to 30 people in a semi-private lounge space
Venue Rental Fee: No rental fee, however, there is a food and beverage minimum
If your office is on the smaller side, then you should definitely check out this venue. Lucky Pie is popular restaurant located in Old Town Louisville with a stellar menu filled with hand-crafted brick oven pizzas along with plenty of other delicious offerings. Lucky Pie also boasts one of the best craft beer line-ups locally, and is the perfect place to take your crew for a good time.

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art | 1750 13th St. | Boulder
Contact: Laura Post | 3.443.2122 ext. 14 |
[email protected]
Event Space: A private upstairs holds up to 150 and the entire venue holds 300 people
Venue Rental Fee: $800-$2,500 (depending on event details)
This venue is perfect for a larger office full of creative folks that dig the Pearl St. scene. This open space is ideal to set up round guest tables for a seated dinner or high top cab tables to enjoy an cocktails and hors d’oeurves at. Three Leaf Concepts, (the creators of popular Boulder restaurants such as: The Dunshanbe Teahouse, Aji and Leaf),  has exclusive catering rights on the edgy art gallery, so you know the food will be delicious.

The West End Tavern | 926 Pearl St. | Boulder
Contact: Kristin Schuette |
[email protected]
Event Space: Private upstairs with a seating for 50 people
Venue Rental Fee: No rental fee, however, there is a food and beverage minimum
If your co-workers are always talking about the last home brew they made, and which microbrewery they visited over the weekend, then this venue is for you. With over 22 of the most popular/best craft brews that are available locally, the West End’s private bar upstairs will be packed with your co-workers all night. Get a taste of Boulder and the best of Boulder’s brewery scene in the private upstairs section of one of the Big Red F’s most popular restaurants.

Nissis | 2675 North Park Dr. | Lafayette
Contact: Marc Gitlin | 3.665.2757 |
[email protected]
Event Space: Can accommodate any size group with private space for 200 people
Venue Rental Fee: As small as cover for live music, as large as a fee for the entire venue rental
Employees want to have fun at their company holiday party, and what’s more fun than getting dressed up, catching some live music and dining on some a delicious a delicious menu full of every entrée item you’d want at your holiday party. And—Nissi’s has already done all of the hard work for you. Check out their selection of pre-made event packages here with pricing, details and all of the info that you need to make your holiday party the talk of the office park.

Left Hand Brewing | 1265 Boston Ave. | Longmont
Contact: 3.772.0258  ext. 110
Event Space: see pictures here
If you work in the Longmont area, chances are that your co-workers head over the Left Hand Brewing Tap Room after a long day at work. So what better place to get everybody together, share a beer, eat some grub and celebrate making it through another year together. Brewery tours available by request.

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