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Health and Beauty 360


You know you do it. Every winter, you pack on thick layers and a thicker tummy. You scarf that stuffing and snuggle down with the latest bit of literary smut.

It’s that bad break in good routines that lands you sick, sleepless and susceptible. Health and Beauty 360 targets the important routines that keep the whole family kicking when it’s cold outside. From pedicures to pet health, it’s a little something for every part of your person. The most important tip to take home this winter, however, isn’t to moisturize or wear the right shoes. It’s to give life a little one, two punch with a healthy dose of everyday essentials.

Exercise to prevent easy-come ice injuries. Eat normally. Don’t gorge (especially before bed), and don’t try to diet during the holidays. Crash diets not only destroy healthy bodies, but they wreak havoc on holiday happiness. We know it’s hard, but try to sleep on a schedule without the assistance of nightcaps.

After all, Health and Beauty 360 makes everything else too easy with tips for your:

Hair and Nails
Face and Skin
Pet’s Health

Plus, editor Andra Coberly underwent a renovation, Stairmaster, sadistic coach and all.

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