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Michael Bizzaro — Tall, dark, chivalrous


Profession: Grad student, music teacher, conductor.

Hobbies: Music, skiing, golf, travel, reading, movies, good beer.

Three words to describe you: Smart, honest, caring.

Describe your ideal partner: Intelligent, cultured, passionate, open-minded, tall, brunette.

When you are not working, you are: Enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.

Philosophy on dating: I’m old-fashioned. I’ve never been much of a casual dater. I look for someone I can see a future with.

Three words to describe your last date: Fun, relaxing, meaningful.

Place we’d find you on a Friday night: Either skiing, at a concert, or at a friend’s house.

Celebrity crush: Natalie Portman.

Your dream date: A day in a small town somewhere in the Tuscany region of Italy.

Guilty pleasure: Chick flicks.

Deal breaker: A lack of confidence.

You have a glass in front of you…what’s in it? Most likely an Odell IPA or Captain and Diet Coke.

A little country or a little rock ‘n roll: Definitely rock ‘n roll.

The great outdoors or the great indoors: I moved to Colorado for a reason!

Define romance: Two people who are completely vulnerable to one another.


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