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Patrick Lepak — Best for last


Profession: Test Engineer at Brocade Communications Systems. 

Pick three words to describe you: Clever, spontaneous, relaxed.

Describe your ideal partner: Sweet and classy, with a good sense of style. Someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Favorite part of being single: Not feeling guilty about lazy weekends or alone-time. Sometimes I need that to unwind, but it can be easy to misinterpret.

When you are not working, you’re: Exercising, reading, catching up on my favorite TV shows.

Song that describes your love life: The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.”

Philosophy on dating: People take dating too seriously. Have fun! Don’t judge anyone too quickly, relax and enjoy getting to know someone.

Place we’d find you on a Friday night: Some sort of interesting restaurant or bar, or maybe at home having a Netflix marathon.

Celebrity crush: Rachel Bilson. She’s classy, stylish, and stays out of the tabloids.

Guilty pleasure: Internet memes. I always get a kick out of goofy cat pictures.


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