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Erie Candidate Profile: Jonathan Hager


Name: Jonathan Hager

Status: Challenger

Candidate Website: Hager4Erie.com

Relevant leadership or community experience: Current Vice-Chair of the Erie Planning Commission, Graduate of the Erie Citizens Police Academy, Cottonwood Vista HOA Board Member.

What are the top three issues for Erie in the coming years? What is your plan for fixing/dealing with those issues?

1. Residential and Commercial Development: As Trustee, I will work with developers, citizen groups, and regional development groups to bring quality projects to Erie.  We need to continue to support residential growth to fund the town for the next few years, and focus our efforts on sustainable commercial projects that will provide revenue to balance the budget and fund new amenities.

2. Old Town and the Airport: It is critical that we find creative ways to leverage the growth of old town and the airport with professional, retail, and commercial development that will bring jobs, revenue, and visitors to Erie.

3. Oil & Gas Operations: I support the current moratorium to continue the research on the safety of oil & gas operations to ensure that our air and water quality isn’t affected by current fracking practices.

Are you concerned about health impacts of hydraulic fracturing in Erie?  If so, what would you do about it as a trustee? I’m concerned about the safety of fracking in Erie. We need to determine exactly what we don’t know, and use clear scientific research to develop policies that protect the health and welfare of our citizens.

Where should old town Erie fit in the town’s economic development efforts? Specifically, what should the trustees do to ensure old town and its businesses thrive? Old town is a great asset that we can leverage to create jobs and bring visitors to Erie. I will encourage small businesses and professional services to locate in old town and support retail development to keep our citizens in Erie when shopping and dining out.

Where do you stand on subsidization of the Erie municipal airport? I support development of the airport, but it must be sustainable.  We should work with the airport authority to be creative and innovative, and find ways to invest money that will provide a positive return on our investment.

What are two outcomes you would work toward in your first/next term as a trustee? First, I will work to change the culture on the Board to eliminate divisiveness and establish a cooperative and cohesive team.  It is difficult enough to make critical decisions without having to manage through undue conflict, and it is imperative that we move forward in a responsible manner with respect for everyone’s opinions.  Second, I will work to develop a method or procedure to involve the HOA’s and other community groups in the decision making process.  We have many talented leaders in Erie that are outside the process, and their input is invaluable in resolution of Board issues.


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