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Erie Mayoral Profile: Joe Wilson


Candidate: Joe Wilson

Status: Incumbent

Candidate Website: wilson4mayor.com

Erie Mayor Joe Wilson is all business. In a nutshell, he’s a business man who’s been highly business-focused as he’s led Erie during the last two years. What that means in terms of outcomes is that he’s done a lot of outreach—such as traveling to other states and even to China (on his own buck)—in hopes of attracting commercial businesses to the East Boulder County town. He’s proactive, especially when it comes to economic development.

Wilson’s vision of Erie includes a balanced budget (annual spending not exceeding annual income), a second grocery store and retail center, finalized annexations at highway 7, I-25, 287 and highway 52, and policies and practices that boost the local economy: “An independent, vibrant municipality with an economy and identity of its own.” He’s also been highly successful in encouraging and boosting efficiencies in the town’s day-to-day operations. He calls it “fiscal restraint.” And it’s taken the town’s budget from a predicted deficit to a surplus.

Wilson says his leadership is evident in the trustees’ voting record: 70 percent of votes are unanimous. He’s limited executive sessions and plans to continue that in a second term. He occasionally sends out email surveys to constituents to get feedback on various issues, and he’s focused on being the “representative guy.” Case in point, while Wilson personally does not believe that oil and gas operations in Erie are harming residents, he has called and continues to call for stronger local control and safety standards, and he supported the temporary moratorium. Water testing has begun, and the town is now pursuing air-quality testing.


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