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Best of the West: Health and Beauty


Readers’ Picks

Day Spa

East County: Sunflower Spa

The best part of Longmont’s Sunflower Spa has to be the vibe: The ladies here make clients feel comfortable and relaxed before you even lay down for your deep-tissue massage or pedicure.

Boulder: Spa at St. Julien

The St. Julien is known for luxury, so it’s no surprise that its spa is arguably the most luxurious spot in town—with treatments using indigenous plants and elements in an elegant, pampering setting.


East County: Sunflower Spa

Sunflower’s organic facials tackle whatever you need tackled: from wrinkles and tone to sun damage and radiance. As if you could get any more radiant.

Boulder: Essentiels Day Spa

Bright and sunny yet very private, Essentiels offers a ton of facials to choose from. In fact, we counted 20 different facials, from the oxygen revitalizer facial to the aromatic indulgence facial. Your only stress will come from picking which one you want.


East County: Evergreen Cottage Spa and Hair Salon

It can be difficult to find an affordable and quality salon. At Lafayette’s Evergreen Cottage, their offerings are reasonably priced and you’ll walk out looking as though you dropped some big bucks.

Boulder: Twig Salon

The little things go a long way at salons: you’re offered a drink, your stylist listens and delivers the goods, the space is clean, beautiful, airy. At Twig, the basics are covered…and then some. This salon pleases clients with skilled, confident stylists and a great atmosphere.


East County: Massage Envy

Massage Envy makes massage accessible. It’s the perfect place for either a first-timer or someone who knows exactly what they want. Try the trigger point massage for something new and awesome.

Boulder: Spa at St. Julien

The massages at the Spa at St. Julien are made for Boulderites: the Buff Couples massage is a deep tissue treatment for athletic pairs and the Sole Delight is a foot treatment for hikers and climbers.


East County: Evergreen Cottage Spa and  Hair Salon

There’s no better place to get a mani/pedi than a quaint, cozy little spa in a quaint, cozy little town. Try Evergreen’s Caribbean therapy treatment, and you will never look at your nails the same way again.

Boulder: Ten20

At Boulder’s Ten20, you get more than a mani and/or pedi. You get an experience. It’s fun and flirty—with Sex and the City on the big screen, a big comfy chair and a diet soda in your hand.


East County: Aesthetic Solutions

Lafayette’s Aesthetic Solutions takes care of all the things that ail you: from fat and wrinkles to acne scars and sagging skin. It’s all gonna be just a
bad memory.

Boulder: Avanti Advance Skin Care

In Boulder, people are usually fit and trim. But there is no shame in wanting to go above and beyond. Avanti offers treatments like Botox, liposculpture, microdermabrasion and something called a Brazilian butt lift.

Golf Course

Indian Peaks Golf Course

Our readers have spoken: Indian Peaks Golf Course is an excellent course. It’s beautiful, well-maintained and challenging. Plus, the view will knock your silly
socks off.


East County: YMCA of Boulder Valley

This is not your father’s YMCA. Today, the YMCA is a full-fledged fitness center with spinning classes, personal trainers, massage and yoga. But much like the YMCA of yore, it’s totally affordable.

Boulder: Colorado Athletic Club

Colorado Athletic Club has so many offerings that we couldn’t begin to list them here. Basically, it’s a shiny, happy place where people are abnormally flexible and enthusiastically fit. But we’re not bitter
or anything.

Rec Center

East County: Lafayette’s Bob L. Burger Recreation Center

Lafayette’s rec center defies all rec center expectations: a large sanctuary filled with modern equipment, an adults-only outdoor hot tub, slides, a lazy river, skatepark, softball fields and a full schedule of classes. Who needs a gym when you live in Lafayette?

Boulder: East Boulder Community Center

This year, the eastern-most location of the Boulder recreation arsenal came out on top. The beautifully set facility offers everything from an eight-lane indoor pool to a bubble bench (we have no idea what that is, but it sounds awesome) to sand volleyball courts and tennis courts.

Ski area

Eldora Mountain Resort

Sure, every outdoorsy person has their personal favorite, but Eldora so often gets the nod here. Why? Well, proximity surely has something to do it. But there is also great snow, some really nice runs and a stellar Nordic center.

Martial Arts

East County: Vision Quest

Remember Cobra Kai Dojo from Karate Kid? Well, Vision Quest is nothing like that. Except of course that this place kicks some serious butt. But really, they focus on discipline, self control and perseverance over just kicking butt.

Boulder: Boulder Quest

Boulder Quest specializes in To Shin Do, which is an adaptation of ninjutsu, which is the practice of the Japanese ninja. It’s all about applying ancient principals to modern situations and stresses. Surely, young ninjas do their chores.

Yoga Studio

East County: Soul Tree Studio

This casual, comfortable and friendly studio is Lafayette’s new go-to spot for yogis and beginners alike. And while it’s professional and strengthening, fans of this studio say instructors maintain a cheery and playful demeanor.

Boulder: Yoga Pod

Modern and bright yet warm and welcoming, Yoga Pod focuses on yoga as a lifestyle—not simply a form of exercise. Here, you’ll find health, well-being and a spiritual positivity.


East County: Happy Cat

Susie Haggas has changed lives through Pilates. Not only do her clients gush about her instruction, but they says she’s changed their relationships with
their bodies.

Boulder: Pilates Center

We heard they call Pilates Center the Harvard of Pilates. With experienced and patient teachers and a large range of classes, you can learn the basics or get your PhD.

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