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Slinging Mud


Have you ever experienced a bake-n-cake? Or been mentally scarred by some birthday suitors?

You probably have, and you didn’t even know it. Until now.

If you’re like the majority of Coloradans, you’re slowly becoming a mud-run-obstacle-course-kind-of person. Mud runs—extreme endurance events such as the Tough Mudder and the Muddy Buddy—are becoming increasingly popular. More than one million people have participated around the country, and the events are inspiring a whole new culture for athletes.

And of course, now they have their own language. Virginia-based company CustomInk has made a small dictionary of phrases and words perfectly describing what competitors experience as they make their way through the mud, water and fire.

The glossary of “dirty words” gives a new meaning to belly flop (when you assume a patch of mud is soft to slide on but really you just slapped a slab of mud) and the electric slide (the move you use when you’re avoiding electric wires).

For all the hardcore racers, CustomInk also offers fonts and logos for you and your buddies to wear at the mud run.

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