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Readers’ Picks: Retail


Bike Shop


Bike n Hike will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year, a tantamount achievement for any business. Because of its history and their stellar staff, this Longmont shop has become a favorite for local bike enthusiasts and cyclists, which means pretty much everyone. 1136 Main St., Longmont

BOULDER: University Bikes

University Bikes has become so popular, it’s now nearly a cliché to mention it. But both the pros and the masses love this shop, its bike selection and its absurdly knowledgeable staff. Which means that it becomes a cliché to think its a cliché, and thusly it becomes cool again. 139 Pearl St., Boulder


Ski Shop


This is a big win for this fairly new consignment shop in Lafayette, which has fast become a darling to locals since its inception. From the performance center to race tune services and repairs, from rentals to consignment, Foxtrot has it all. 776 W Baseline Rd., Lafayette,

BOULDER: Ski Deals

Boulderites have strong opinions about their ski shops, and every year, Boulder Ski Deals seems to take the victory here, showing that their service and offerings continue to win over both pros and newcomers alike. 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder


Sporting Goods


Lafayette’s Jax has this weird mix of everything cool and useful and locally relevant, becoming a one-stop shop for Coloradans. Back-packs and camping gear butt up next to winter jackets and the stellar collection of shoes. There is hunting stuff and fishing stuff too. And it goes on. 900 U.S. 287, Lafayette


It sometimes feels as though REI was created for Boulderites. It just has that I-wear-neoprene-to-bed sort of vibe. Find everything you need for an active—and not so active—lifestyle. 1789 28th St., Boulder


Shoe Store

EAST BOULDER COUNTY: Brown’s Shoe Fit ?Company

Brown’s shoes are rugged and sturdy, built to last and made to reflect a certain lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that requires practical footwear. But practicality doesn’t equal ugly. We love the funky, cool styles from the likes of Dansko, Merrel and Uggs. 373 Main St., Longmont

BOULDER: Pedestrian Shops

Comfort gets a bad rap. But it takes a lot to make a shoe comfortable, and it takes a lot to fill a shop (multiple shops) with comfortable shoes. That’s why Pedestrian Shops is such a Boulder staple: Comfort for the Boulder way of life. 1425 Pearl St., Boulder; 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder



EAST BOULDER COUNTY: Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado

To see or not to see, that’s the question. Well, at Eye Care Center of Northern Colorado, there is no question that you’ll walk away with full sight. The question is: What awesome frames will you’ll get? Choose from Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Vera Wang and more. 1400 Dry Creek Dr., Longmont

BOULDER: Wink Optical

Wink is the epitome of style…of eye style. These folks know how the curve of the eyebrow and the placement of the pupil suggest a specific shape, placement and heaviness of a frame. It’s art and science, style and function all in one. 3301 30th St., Boulder




Anspach’s Jewelry has been around for more than 55 years. That makes them officially legit: It’s a family business that has thrived on its helpful service and its glowing cases filled with sparkly, shiny charms and trinkets. 101 S Public Rd., Lafayette

BOULDER: Angie Starr

Angie Starr has what we like to think of as “Boulder style” jewelry. They are organic and casual while still being refined and beautiful. 1807 Pearl St., Boulder


Fashion ?Boutique for Women


You know those outfits ?that just make the day ?seem better? You feel ?confident and beautiful ?and smart? Your co-workers give you the “Well, you ?look nice” eyebrow raise, and the 22-year-old waiter at lunch winks at you not once—but three times. That’s the kind of outfit you find at Ville de Luxe. 909 Main St., Louisville

BOULDER: Jacque Michelle

From glasses and hats to bags, funky shirts and embroidered jackets, Jacque Michelle has a ?little something—?or a lot of something—for everyone. 2670 Broadway St., Boulder


Fashion Boutique for Men

EAST BOULDER COUNTY: Old Town ?Outfitters

Your typical seasoned mountain man doesn’t suffer sartorial conundrums. However, ?for the amateur trekker or for those going on impromptu camping trips, Old Town Outfitters is one of few that combine casual and functional for men. Sure, climes do dictate ?fashion. But that doesn’t mean your base layer can’t be fit for extensive trails and long office hours. 501 Main St., Longmont

BOULDER: Weekends

Weekends has the cool factor going on. And it always has. Somehow, over the year, Weekends has managed to be the store that supplies men with the coolest clothes: chic, slim pants, sophisticated and hearty coats, and slick button-ups in the hottest patterns. 1200 Pearl St., Boulder


Second-hand Clothing

EAST BOULDER COUNTY: Found Underground

Shopping second hand takes strategy—weeding through the junk to ?get to the good stuff. But ?at Found Underground, shopping becomes way ?less of a chore. Here, the clothing and shoes are not only in good shape, but the pieces are fresh, contemporary and cool. 901 Main St., #B, Louisville

BOULDER: Buffalo Exchange/Rags Shop & Consign

Boulder shoppers love second-hand shopping so much that they couldn’t decide between two of their favorites. And who can blame them? Buffalo Exchange has a hipster vibe, with a solid selection of quirky duds for college kids and lifestyle-wear for 20 or 30 somethings. Rags has a feminine attitude—with rack after rack of high-end, brand-new garments. Here, you’ll find Prada glasses and Gucci pumps at ridiculously good prices. 1813 Pearl St., Boulder/3129 28th St., Boulder


Old Town


What’s good enough for Money Magazine is good enough for us. Our readers adore the Old Town of Louisville for its historic charm and its great locally owned boutiques and restaurants.


Shopping Center


Of course, Broomfield’s FlatIron Crossing wins! Not only is it the new home of H&M, but it’s also the new home of YS’s SuperKids Expo. On top of that, it’s an all-around great shopping center with a diverse selection of stores, a nice food court and tons of extras: a movie theater, lots of restaurants and amenities.

BOULDER: Pearl Street

Pearl Street is an adult’s playground. It’s got entertainment—both street performers and live music at venues. It’s got shopping—from Chelsea to GoLite to The Peppercorn. It’s got food: West Flanders, Japango, Antica Roma and more. Go and play.




Enter the doors of a used bookstore, and the waft of stale pages hits like an old spice cupboard. Barbed Wire Books rekindles that sentiment of curling up to a good read. Their clientele perpetuates this by trading in books for used ones, adding to the stores immense collection of rarities. (My find: a history book on puppets. Unfortunately, it’s in German. Please to translate?) 504 Main St., Longmont,

BOULDER: Boulder Bookstore

When the world seems too messy or complicated, wander into this mainstay and roam through its nooks and crannies. Eventually, find a book, something else to get lost within. 1107 Pearl St., Boulder



Fuzzy Antler is a whirlwind of décor and furnishings, both sophisticated and quirky. From floor to ceiling, from wall to wall to wall to wall, Fuzzy Antler is home to little pieces of everything you want in your home. 901 Front St., Louisville

BOULDER: Factory Made

We love any shop that supports local artisans, craftspeople and creatives. And Factory Made is the epitome of shopping local. Explore and see your neighbors’ skills. Pearl Street and 21st, Boulder


Second-hand ?Furniture


There are surprises to be ?found within Lafayette’s Noble Treasures. From a mid-century kitchen table to a bulky cherry wood armoire, from chandeliers to footstools, you’ll find exactly what you need or exactly ?what you want. 409 S Public Rd., Lafayette


BOULDER: Clutter Consignment

Life is all about give and take—and so is shopping at Clutter Consignment. Take your used décor and furnishings to Clutter, consign them and then find one of Clutter’s pieces to take home. 1909 9th Street, Suite 130, Boulder


Home Furnishings


Outside its brick entrance are chairs: a woven cocoa beach armchair, a group of plastic loungers fit for basking in the pale sun, sipping daiquiris, and several others. Inside, Concepts equally besets an array of furniture made to balance Colorado lifestyle with a “soft contemporary” vibe. Be it Mad Men-style Grace sectional sofas or sleek dining tables, Concepts furnishes your personality. 800 S Main St., Longmont


The best thing about HW ?Home is that its stock is full ?of furnishings for the contemporary home. With rich fabrics, beautiful patterns and numerous styles, HW’s collection ?balances comfort and aesthetics with lovely pieces for any room in any home. 1941 Pearl St., Boulder


Home ?Improvement


Save for a few big box stores, we don’t get a ton of Colorado-owned home improvement businesses. But Jax’s ?newest Boulder County store is its Farm & Home concept, which is a treasure trove of home improvement toys, tools and materials. Welcome, Jax, we’ve been waiting. 900 U.S. 287, Lafayette

BOULDER: McGuckin’s Hardware

You have to love McGuckin’s. Literally, you have to love it. It’s a requirement to live in the Boulder area. If you don’t, spend some time exploring ?the massive building, and the vast amount of aisles, finding the stuff you need and the stuff you don’t. 2525 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder



EAST BOULDER COUNTY: Lafayette Florist

People give flowers as gifts, as symbols of love, affection and sympathy, which means that your florist has to be a trusted confidante. That is exactly how we think about Lafayette Florist. Here, you find skilled flower people with hearts to match. 200 Exempla Cir., Lafayette

BOULDER: Sturtz & Copeland

Sturtz & Copeland sounds like, well, an English dishware company. But in fact, it’s Boulder’s most popular florist—and not at all snooty or English. It’s a warm, comfortable place with a friendly staff and a bounty of blooming plants and flowers. And I say, “Good day, sir.” 2851 Valmont Rd., Boulder


Kids Clothing


This happy shop in downtown Longmont has all you need to make your kiddo and their room look super fierce. Well, fierce, like cute and ready to like play and stuff. 661 4th Ave., Longmont

BOULDER: Rocky Mountain Kids

Possibly the cutest thing in the world is when a kid dresses all hip and with it. A Rocky Mountain Kids child is a fashionable child. Shopping there guarantees that people will stop and compliment your child’s syle. 2525 Arapahoe Ave., H12A, Boulder


Toy Store

EAST BOULDER COUNTY & BOULDER: Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe

There is a little bit of magic happening at Grandrabbits. It’s a wonderland of toys and games and silky, stuffed animals, kids dancing about in a daze of toy inundation. 180 E. Flatiron Circle Drive, Broomfield


Gift Shop


Timbalier is a bright emporium at 95th and Arapahoe, where we go to find gifts for all. Hobo Bags, tea-related paraphernalia, books and art. 2770 Arapahoe Rd., Lafayette

BOULDER: Bliss Boulder

Bliss is girly and pretty and flashy in all the ways a gift shop should be. Find yourself something silver and dangly to decorate your wrist or lobes or find a lovely piece of décor for a friend. 1643 Pearl St., Boulder



Sprouts Farmers Market

Any Boulderite knows that grocery shopping is not a one-stop ordeal. The Sprouts stop usually entails vegetables, bulk and some granola bars. Sure, Sprouts isn’t the only stop, but it’s the most important.


Liquor Store


The quality of a liquor store can be marked by what you find on its shelves. Not only does Superior Liquor have a lot of shelves, but they carry a surprisingly good number of microbrew, craftbrew and locally distilled options. 100 Superior Plaza Way, Suite #100, Louisville

BOULDER: Liquormart

Liquormart is a hub. It’s the thing that brings us all together, the tie that binds this community. It’s where college students rub shoulders with city leaders, professionals and trustafarians. Here, we find unity in Spanish wine and IPAs. 1750 15th St., Boulder


Wine Shop


There are few shops in East Boulder County that really celebrate the glories of wine. At Tenacity, you find a mid-sized but well-curated selection of reds, whites and rosés. It’s a happy place, where wine is king. 700 Tenacity Dr., Longmont

BOULDER: Boulder Wine ?Merchant

A wine shop owned by a master sommelier is not something to be taken flippantly. This is serious stuff, and when you have a serious need for serious wine, you just know: Boulder Wine Merchant. It’s home to a smartly selected collection of wines both foreign and domestic. Seriously. 2690 Broadway St., Boulder


Musical ?Instruments


There’s enough sheet music to make Beethoven and a large redwood cry. But it’s necessary considering the large array of instruments here—from guitars to flutes to an aluminum standup bass. This crew of high-caliber musicians will show you the way and make fantastic rental deals. Cue harps and choir of angles. 400 W. South Boulder Rd., Lafayette

BOULDER: HB Woodsong’s

Banjos are the new guitars, and if you want to be the coolest kid around the campfire, you’ll need a banjo and banjo lessons and a Hot Rize album. You can get two out of three of those at HB Woodsong’s, the area’s top shop for folk musicians and those wanting to be folk musicians. 2920 Pearl St., Boulder


Pet Supply Store


All the hip dogs go to Struttin Pup…or, at least that’s what it seems like. This Lafayette shop has tons of natural foods and snacks, toys, a self-serve dog wash and a dog-loving staff. If you didn’t feel like a hip pet owner before, you will now. 2850 Arapahoe Rd., Lafayette

BOULDER: Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Store is part health-food store, part pet store—meaning you find stuff you never knew existed.  Everything from doggie supplements to digestive enzymes. Or Only Natural Pet Stool Eating Deterrent. Who knew? 2100 28th St., #1c, Boulder


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