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When the “vintage” tiara comes on, Roxy knows. Her posture lengthens. Her chin lifts. And her stance is mannequin still. At dress-up time, the Chihuahua-terrier poochie becomes a debutante. “I don’t know why,” says owner Christina Robledo, “but she thinks she’s a Southern belle.”

For most of us that attempt going hardcore fashionista on our dogs, it usually ends with a shredded sweater and a resentful glare. Yet Robledo can pull off hand stitches like Michael Kors—all to the delight of her little “diva.” Roxy’s recent Jackie O. ensemble, made with tweed upcycled from a thrift store, took three hours to make using a pattern cut from a newspaper. Oh, and so you know, her measurements are as such: a five-inch neck and 12-inch waist (for skirts). “This is the girl God gave me,” Robledo laughs.

Roxy’s first, er, catwalk was during the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, where she lifted spirits and brought joy to many modeling her rhinestone-bejeweled, pink visor. “I love it when she can make someone smile… She’s a heart with fur.” Two years later, Roxy has 15 complete outfits. The garments and accessories (Snuggie, Chewbacca bandoleer, royal wedding fascinator) total at 40—enough to garner a dedicated drawer and closet space.

Robledo considers expanding her hobby, making her sartorial skills available to others. She’s already done a cheetah-print fur coat for a friend’s schnauzer. If anything, Roxy is proof you can dress your dog to the nines, and still be friends afterwards. Pampering, like paw massages before bedtime, helps too.