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Five Things to Do During a Spring Storm


It always amazes me the things that happen when there is a foot of snow on the ground in March or April. Friends will want to go see some live music in Denver, my boyfriend will suggest we go for a hike, the boss will ask me to head to Littleton to pick up something at the printer.

What?! It’s icy and blustery, and all I want to do is hibernate just a little bit longer!

Anyone who lives in a snowy state knows the feeling—like a buzz percolating up and down your legs—of impending spring weather. Real spring weather. Skies the color of faded denim, 70-degree afternoons and gardens of blushing blossoms. But in Colorado, one can’t dive into spring with carelessness.

Because it’s April 8 and snow is coming. While, yes, you are stir crazy and you can’t handle another second of being inside, you’re just gonna have to deal with it for, like, 48 more hours. Really, you should take this time to savor what’s left of winter-like weather. Inspired by that thought, here are five things you should enjoy during this little spring storm.

1. Your couch. I know, I know. Everyone from your doctor to your wife says you need to get off the couch and do something other than watch Game of Thrones re-runs. But, really, this is most likely your last opportunity to really cuddle up with a good book, a little bourbon and your favorite pillow for a good ol’ fashioned lazy evening. Because next week, you’re gonna cram yourself into some Spandex and take a few long rides.

2. Soup. Yes, I said soup. It’s like the best thing ever: meaty, vegetable-y, broth-y and savory like no one’s business. Pick up some of The Kitchen‘s famous  tomato soup from Whole Foods. Order Thai Kitchen‘s tom kha for pick up. Or make yourself something nice: I love this spring minestrone soup with chicken meatballs. 

3. Game of Thrones! Nuf said.

4. Your favorite winter duds. Put on that wool sweater, your plush GoLite anorak and your trusty Merrells, and shovel your sidewalk. First of all, it’s exercise and, secondly, next week you’ll probably pack up your winter wardrobe into big boxes and throw them into your storage room. So enjoy your snugglies while you can.

5. Dark, heavy, hair-on-your chest beer, bourbon and red wine. I’m a seasonal drinker…meaning that whatever is in my glass is there because it feels right. When it’s hot, I’ll have a citrusy cocktail with vodka or tequila or a glass of Prosecco or a pint of Mama’s Little Yella Pills. But that’s all in good time. Tonight and tomorrow night, this is an opportunity to get a little tipsy with your favorite winter drinks, hot cocoa included. I’d suggest you keep it local: try Avery’s Out of Bounds Stout, any Infinite Monkey Theorem red or, my favorite, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. No sipping and driving!


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