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Fashion: Emerald City


Comparing the runways of New York or Paris to, say, the Pearl Street Mall might be a stretch. Colorado is known more for its great peaks and great bodies than its fashion forwardness. We’ll take a Spandex cycling jersey and Merrell’s over a pencil skirt, vintage Chanel handbag and peep-toe heels any day.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. This summer, maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to dip our big toe into the pool of style.

Trends this summer include stripes (mixing and matching), cutouts (dresses, tops, shoes) and anything mod. But we think the most accessible and winnable style trend to conquer is surely that of the color emerald.

When a color is named The Pantone Color of the Year, as emerald was for 2013, it’s expected that there will be resonance within fashion and design industries. We still see a ton of tangerine, last year’s Pantone Color of the Year, on shelves and racks this spring. Emerald, a deep, rich green, is expected to have a similar presence.

“I see it prominently in major retailers and online, all the way from designer to cheap-and-cheerful,” said Beverly Green, a stylist and image consultant in the Boulder and Denver area. “I’ve seen it not just in ready-to-wear but in accessories—shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves—underwear, nail color and makeup.”

Green expects the trend will carry through fall. However, before you invest in an emerald coat for Colorado’s more blustery months, try the color on for a test drive over the summer. If you want to ease in, look for emerald belts, shoes, earrings or a chic handbag.

“I prefer touches of emerald, as opposed to being enrobed in it. Leprechauns come to mind,” Green said. “I love emerald with white. It’s so fresh.”

You can also match emerald with navy, yellow-green, orange, black and denim. Pantone has suggested matching colors for both spring and fall on its website. There’s also a guide for men.

When you’re ready to dive into the emerald trend (hint: There’s an amazing green bag at Two Sole Sisters), just remember to pace yourself.

“Since it’s basically a trend and has a life-span of about a year, I air on the side of conservative when it comes to purchasing a lot of the color,” Green said. “Flats and kitten heels are making a comeback, and I am particularly fond of the green Tom’s slip-on and any shade of green patent ballet flats.”


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