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Avoid Santa Belly


Fact: This time of year is full of parties to attend that offer (hopefully) enticing food and drinks galore. So how are you supposed to make all of your appearances while still fending off any holiday weight gain? We’ve got some tips for how to enjoy yourself as you mingle your way through the season’s gatherings without putting on any extra pounds.



Alcoholic or not, holiday drinks are delicious. But some of these treats are full of calories that aren’t so refreshing. See how your favorite things to sip stack up.


Drink                                                                        Calorie Count

Champagne     …                                                   120 (5 oz)


White and Red Wine        …                               120 (5 oz)


Hot Cocoa          …                                                 176 (8 oz)


Left Hand’s Sawtooth            …                         159 (12 oz)


Hot Cocoa              …                                            176 (8 oz)


Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha     …   220 (12 oz)


Great Divide’s Hibernation             …              261 (12 oz)


Eggnog              …                                                  340 (8 oz)



Great food is plentiful at holiday get-togethers, however, it’s also easy to overindulge on these bite-size appetizers. On top of this, people are more likely to overeat during the first 20 minutes after they arrive at a party. Avoid overdoing it by following this snacking wisdom:


Plan ahead:

Before you head out for the night, have a small yet protein-rich meal. It will fill your stomach and prevent you from eating too much too soon at the party.


Appetizing choices: Things to gravitate towards at the food table

Red pepper- This light food (packed with nutrients) helps suppress appetites and burn more calories.

Shrimp- They pack a protein punch with hardly any calories.

Broccoli- Low in calories but high in fiber, broccoli fills you up fast.

Dark chocolate- Savoring a piece or two of this stuff helps slow down digestion, making you feel fuller.

Mozzarella- Enjoyed in moderation, the fat slows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

Grapes- They have lots of antioxidants and, like other watery foods, they help prevent dehydration.

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