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Boulder at the Olympics


The Olympics are in full swing, but chances are you can’t watch all the events. This year 230 participants represent the United States. Of them, 21 hail from Colorado; two from Denver, and three from Boulder.

– Paul Stastny, local Denver-ite who you may know from the Avalanche, is playing on the US men’s hockey team. Their previous game was February 16, and their next game is against the Czech Republic on Friday the 19, at 10 am Denver time.

– Luke Steyn will be competing in men’s Slalom and Giant Slalom. Originally from Zimbabwe, he’s been studying at the University of Boulder. Men’s Giant Slalom will start on February 22 at 5:45 pm Denver time.

– Alex Diebold, from Boulder, won a bronze medal in men’s Snowboard Cross. He’s also a previous competitor in the winter X Games.

– Lyman Currier—another Boulder athlete—tried his hand at the men’s Ski Halfpipe competition. The qualification round was February 18 at 6:45 Denver time. Lyman came in 28th.

– Bobby Brown came close to a medal in the men’s Ski Slopestyle. While Denver is the ideal place to practice your skiing prowess, the Sochi landscape got the better of Bobby—he came in ninth place on February 13.

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