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Take it to the bathroom


It’s only natural. Everyone does it. No one should be ashamed of it. We should be able to talk about it openly, right? Oh wait, you should know that we are talking about poop. And we are not the only ones.

Denver resident Virgil Dickerson is sharing his, and others, poop stories with the world in the form of a podcast. Poop Talk posted its pilot episode Tuesday on their website.

Dickerson, who by day works as the marketing director for Illegal Pete’s and co-founded Greater Than Collective, started the podcast because, well, he loves talking about poop. Apparently he is not the only one.

“Almost every time I’ve told a story somebody has said ‘oh my god, I also have a story,” he said in the introduction of the podcast.

He originally wanted to collect stories and put it in book form, but that dream has yet to come about. Instead, he decided to start the podcast, and twice a month invite different guests who tell their stories. Just one requirement, they all have to be about poop. Even the theme song is poop heavy, and by heavy we mean a very deep, sultry voice saying “poop” over and over and over.

It could be our inner child, but the 13-minute episode titled “Trust the Deuce” had us laughing out loud and a little horrified.

The episode featured a story from Dickerson’s friend Joey Bullock, who made a number two in the shape of the number two. The story is a bit elaborate but if you’re going to dedicate a full podcast to poop, we want to know every detail. Right?

We are sure it’s no coincidence that Dickerson decided to dedicate his first episode to all things number two. Actually, nearly everything is dedicated to the number two. It comes out every two weeks on Tuesday (TWOS-day) at 2:22 p.m. Overkill? We think not, if you’re going to dedicate a podcast to the art of defecation, we want a little camp.

Camp is definitely what we will get every other Tuesday.

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