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A Wonder-ful juice bar opening


When thinking of the beautiful city of Boulder one may picture the amazing flat irons, or vision the red brick building of the CU campus. The town is not only known for its breath taking views but for also being a community focused on healthy living. This means hiking, biking, running, and eating well.W

Bringing even more healthy eating options to Boulder is the Wonder and the Juice Girls juice bar. The grand opening of Wonder and the Juice Girls June 17, down on Pearl street where Wok Eat space was once, many have been invited to come taste the freshly squeezed Wonder juice.

Filled with 100 percent locally-grown vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and herbs, Wonder would be a great place to try if you are looking for a new fresh taste whether it be sweet or tangy, Wonder has many options to satisfy every juice craving.

Attending the R.S.V.P pre-opening of the juice bar yesterday, it was definitely an unusual surprise to see goats in an encaged surrounding outside of the juice bar.

Meeting the three owners of the shop, Brooke Jordan, Robyne Known, and Cecily Runge they explained what the goats meant as well as how they came up with the idea to open the Juice bar in Boulder.

“We are all middle school friends and grew up in Boulder Colorado. We decided to come back from where we all were in the country and start Wonder Press which we are really really excited about. Our juices are hand crafted all organic. We have a lot of vegetable juices, we’ve got green juices, lemonades, and nut milks as well, and we will also be serving smoothies and little bite sized foods as well.”

After creating these home grown smoothies, the girls will have the left over pulp taken out to a farm where the goats reside for them to eat. Hoping to help cut back on waste and garbage. The juices come in glass jars, which the girls hope everyone will bring in to be washed in their low energy using dish washer so that they can be refilled again with more delicious juice.

The actual juice bar does not open for another few weeks but when it does it will definitely be a new Boulder hot spot. If anyone is looking for a new delicious smoothie not filled with with sherbet and other sugary products or an amazing energy producing drink, Wonder Juice is definitely a place to check out.

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