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CNN releases CNN Style


On July 1, CNN launched CNN Style a separately branded site on the CNN website that covers fashion, design, architecture, arts, autos and luxury.O

Similar to CNN Money and CNN Politics, the site has its own unique design featuring a dark grey background and modern typography. The stenciled typeface of the word “Style” is a cross between a fashion magazine and something more industrial. The story pages themselves are similar to the main CNN website, while the homepage of the site has a creative feel that catches the reader’s eye.

George Webster, the editor of CNN Style, released an editor’s letter describing why a site solely devoted to style is necessary.

“Whether it’s a building that connects us to a shared history, an artwork that brings new clarity to an emotion, a pair of shoes that puts a spring in our stride, or a product that eliminates an annoying task in an elegant fashion — design touches our life at every turn.”

Webster describes the content to include international coverage of art and design, so for any fanatic of those areas, the new site seems intriguing.

CNN Style also welcomes architect Daniel Libeskind as their first guest editor for the month of July. He’s going to explore the “interplay between architecture and emotion.” In his introductory post, he introduces why this subject matter in particular is important to him.

“But to me, there’s nothing more important than architecture. It creates your world and influences how you feel both mentally and spiritually.”

His content is aimed to communicate ideas about architecture and cities and explore the historic role architecture plays, and the emotion tie people can have to it.

The site has a nice balance of content covering all aspects of art and design, diverse enough for CNN’s already global audience, focusing on people, places and things worldwide. It adds variety to the news content CNN already produces, and will help grow the CNN brand to reach out to all interest areas.

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