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Monday motivators


After a long fun weekend, crawling out of bed Monday morning and motivating yourself to start you day may seem impossible. Forbes posted a few tips, 11 to be exact of ways to beat “the Monday Blues.”A

Here are a few of my own tips to help beat the so called “Monday Blues” and make the best of the long Monday work day.

First, prepare the night before for everything you have to do Monday. Nobody wants to force themselves awake early Monday knowing they have a dozen things to do before they even leave for work. So help yourself out by doing some of them beforehand when you are tired and caffeine deprived.

Second, make sure you either make yourself a good breakfast to not only start your metabolism but also make your body happy with tasty food and coffee of course. Even if you don’t cook, stopping by Moe’s bagel on your way out may be the best breakfast decision you have ever made.

Third, try to listen to happy and up beat music while working. You do not want to become depressed sitting in an office all day when its beautiful out, so stay focused and listen to fun music to remind you how much fun you had dancing with your friends just two night prior.

Fourth, make sure that you to stay social throughout the day. Do not seclude yourself at your desk under a stack of papers. You will just become over whelmed and stressed out. Try to catch up with any of your co-workers and see if they have any fun plans coming up and invite them to your next movie night or whatever it may be. Planning something fun will help you to get through the weekend knowing fun nights are heading your way.

Lastly, go home from work and go to the gym for at least an hour. Even if you are exhausted you will not regret it. It will not only help you burn off some of those office cup cakes but will boost your energy and endorphins making you happy and glad you finally made it through the day. Then you can go home and drink a nice cold beer and have a delicious dinner or even some take out Chinese.

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