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To all New Colorado Citizens











Dear New Colorado Citizens,

July 22, 2042

Today I made a very difficult decision that will no doubt have ramifications that live on well past the lives of every citizen of this state, as well as our children, and possibly theirs as well.

As you’re no doubt aware, the last 25 years have been hard on all of us. From President Chelsea Clinton’s Executive Order 14802 assuming federal control of our state’s entire water table to the stationing of Homeland Security Riot Guard at every reservoir and dam across Colorado, to the state border skirmishes we’ve had with Nebraska, Kansas and New Mexico, to the embargoes of federal funds for the last three wildfire emergencies we faced in 2028, 2034 and 2038, it’s become evident that try as we might, we can no longer peacefully co-exist with the rest of this once great nation.

We are under siege.

Last night, at 19:00 hours, I called up all State military and municipal police personnel. In a brief ceremony at Google Field At Mile High, I swore in the New Colorado National Army and appointed Lieutenant Gov. Brock Osweiler as Secretary of Colorado Defense. Our mission is simple: Protect and defend the interests of the citizens of the sovereign nation of New Colorado.

Let me be clear: This is the last resort, and this decision wasn’t reached lightly. Over the course of the last 30 years, we’ve watched as droughts decimated crops all over this nation’s bread-basket while rising sea levels swallowed most of the Eastern Seaboard and the States of California, Hawaii and most of Alaska. To say we’ve been living in a state of constant emergency for almost two decades would be an understatement. Our nation’s freshwater supply has been stolen from the people of New Colorado for far too long, and our own local agriculture, infrastructure and citizens’ lives have suffered as a result.

The State Assembly is in unanimity on this decision. In a series of private sessions with state legislators from both houses, we reached historic bipartisan agreements on the shape of our new constitution. Our nation’s new charter was forged in much the same manner the U.S. Constitution was more than 250 years ago — out of the flames of oppression from non-present, foreign governments with zero local interest other than the pillaging of our resources.

The road ahead will not be any easier than the one behind us. We face the collected might of the remaining 36 states of the Union. But we have one crucial resource they all lack — water. Our table remains high, and our resolve is unwavering.

I ask you now to continue your support of our troops and this administration. You placed your faith in me as your elected leader four years ago. I ask that you remain steadfast in your position. In exchange for your support, I’m lifting all federally instituted water rationing, effective immediately. You can destroy your shower credits and burn your drinking cards. All water lines have been restored to pre-2035 capacity. Your faucets will flow now and for as long as I have anything to say about it.

We shall overcome.

God bless this Nation,

Roy Romer III
President of New Colorado


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