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TomorrowWorld gets flooded


Fans were stranded overnight at a major music festival outside of Atlanta after three days of nearly continuous rain. F

TommorowWorld Music Festival in Chattahoochee Hills, which is about 30 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta, resembled something something of a B rated horror film as concert goers found refuge from the flooding wherever they could. Sleeping on top of cars, on boxes, or less than luxurious tents surrounded by mud.

The fields and parking lots were so muddy, the festival had to be shut down Sunday. No one could get in or out and fans and staff were still trying to leave Monday afternoon.

Organizers had to shut down the shuttles, parking lots and some of the stages Sunday. Disappointed fans were turned away and now organizers are making plans to refund the money they paid for their tickets.

But refunds were the least of the worries for the fans that got stuck at the venue, and slept in the mud.

Check out some of the photos, displaying the poor, poor conditions.

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