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4 Questions with Allison Learned, director of “4’Xmas” at the Bug Theater


 Allison Learned

One of Denver’s newest theater companies, Lost and Found Productions, is wrapping up its inaugural season with its third and final show. 4’XMas is four short stories all dealing with holiday cheer, or lack thereof, in unique and interesting situations. The show brings together four female directors from the Denver area for one great night of holiday entertainment. Here, one of the directors, Allison Learned, shares a little bit about the show and her favorite holiday classics. 4X’Mas runs Dec. 9-22 at the Bug Theatre at 3654 Navajo St. in Denver. Tickets are $15 in advance/$20 at the door. lostandfoundproductions.net.

Yellow Scene: How many times can one person see A Christmas Carol? 4Xmas is different and brings a different type of holiday story to the table. What kind of message does it bring? Why do you think this will be a refreshing choice for holiday entertainment?

Allison Learned: 4’XMas looks at the holidays and Christmas from a few angles, rather than your general spiritual, moral or schmaltzy approach. Where 4’XMas is different is, it shows perspectives of the holidays we don’t normally see in entertainment. It looks at the holidays through the eyes of the disenfranchised, the down-and-out, the disconnected, the bobble (literally you get to see the holidays through the eyes of ornaments!), and the recommitted! Like any good holiday show, it all comes from and ends in a place of love, connectedness and warmth, even for our characters who may begin their scene alone and disconnected from the seasons!

4'Xmas Promotional

Photos courtesy of Allison Learned and Lost and Found Productions.

YS: There are four (sorta five) short plays in this piece. Which is your favorite and why?

AL: I’m a comedy person so I’m all for “Balls” (giggle). It and “Office Party” shows us an unexpected/twisted perspective on the holidays, through fun circumstance and beautiful comedic writing.

YS: What are your favorite Christmas movies and why?

AL: I have two. I’ll get the worst out of the way first: Love Actually, yep I’m one of the jerks who actually likes this movie, it’s funny and warm and like 4’XMas it does well to consider many perspectives that we experience in the real world when it comes to the mess, stress, love and excitement around the holidays. And Alan Rickman is in it. My second is Scrooged. Bill Murray. Enough said!  

YS: What is the one holiday movie or play you NEVER want to see again and why?

AL: There are so many! Um… I really never liked Miracle on 34th St. I feel bad for Santa, and what a waste of tax dollars to put him through a whole court trial. Such a mess! 


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