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Recycling: Where To Send Those Old Gadgets


yellow-scene-magazine-spring-green-2017-recycle-where-to-send-old-gadgetsWe love our gadgets, especially the latest and greatest. When it comes time to retire old electronics, trash is not an option. Not legally or conscionably. Many cell phone providers and charities will take used, working devices for a trade-in or tax-deductible donation. Old thumb drives, headphones will need to be dropped off.

Responsible e-recycling keeps toxic substances like lead, cadmium and chromium out of traditional landfills. When these toxic chemicals leach into soil and water sources, they find their way into humans, where they can cause illnesses and even disrupt your DNA.

• E-Recyclers •

Boulder County Recycling Services

Also takes Hazardous Waste: Think batteries and toxic chemicals like paint thinner or cleaning supplies. 

  1901 63rd St., Boulder

Eco-Cycle CHaRM

Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials (They even take old clothes, yoga mats and scrap metal.) A new program from Eco-Cycle and Blue Star Recyclers employs people with autism and other disabilities. Trained as recycling technicians, these workers disassemble electronics, which means the center guarantee chain of custody and data security. 

  6400 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder    

Green Girl Recycling Services

Hazardous waste: batteries and all kinds of toxic liquids like paint thinner, cleaning chemicals,etc. 

  21 S Sunset St., Longmont

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