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YS Contributor Ann Tinkham Publishes New Collection of Short Stories


YS contributor and Boulder-based Ann Tinkham has just released a new book of original short stories. And with the long dark nights ahead and the frozen tundra effect taking hold, what’s better than stories to ignite your imagination and carry you away?

eBook1Tinkahm’s book, The Era of Lanterns and Bells, is already garnering great reviews. A recent Amazon reviewer wrote:

“Ms. Tinkham is one of the best writers I’ve had the pleasure to read. She brilliantly brings her characters to life and gives us a window into their interesting, unpredictable experiences. She knows how to create a world we didn’t know existed…worlds inside complicated people that explore philosophies in a most entertaining way. Her skills are impeccable; I’m waiting for a novel!”

Here’s a synopsis:

In this collection, a lighthouse is haunted by the memory of lighthouse keepers, a journalist befriends a homeless virtuoso, an orca trainer believes she’s a whale, an aerialist runs away from the circus, and a Golden Gate Bridge jumper saves lives with fortune cookies. These quirky and darkly comic stories entertain while posing essential questions about truth, compassion, and humanity.

Visit Tinkham’s site, http://anntinkham.com/, to pick up your copy today!

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