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Let’s Roam Dining: Experience Your City

Let’s Roam Dining: Experience Your City




By Kyle Gayton










I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of eating at the same four restaurants every time I go out. I’d love to find something new, but I don’t really know where to begin looking. I guess I could scope out a few places on Yelp, but then I’d just be taking other people’s word for it. Maybe I could just stumble into some random place and go from there, but then I wouldn’t have a solid idea of what I’d be walking into. Sounds like a bunch of first world problems I know, but I’m certain that I’m not the only one who has these kinds of clueless and sometimes even lazy dilemmas.

If only there was an “app” of some kind. If only there was something that would not only show me the kinds of spots I want to find, but show me the kind of spots I probably would never have found in the first place. If only there was some way I could not only find these places, but receive discounts and free food as an incentive. If only, if only, if only… Oh snap, there is! Welcome to Let’s Roam Dining!

Charlie Harding was and has always been what you would call an inquisitive mind. Some could even speculate a good deal of genius is in there as well. When Charlie was in 5th grade, he was teaching himself how to program and he started his first scavenger hunt themed website, Rushhunt.com; when I was in 5th grade, I was catching snakes and falling out of trees, as I’m sure was the case for a lot of us. Yes a glimmer of genius indeed, and it was that kind of brilliance running parallel with a childlike curiosity and imagination that brought Let’s Roam into the light.

Let’s Roam is an app you can download right now (seriously, download it this instant) that is designed to run roughshod over your usual spots and entice you around the city to show you all of the neat little landmarks, pieces of art, and treasures the city has to offer. The end goal is to foster community between you and the city. It can be played solo, played with friends, family, lovers, and can even be used as a team building exercise; say goodnight to the traditional office games. Whether you are from the city, new to the city, or just visiting a city, you can get a better look and understanding of the area, and can do so in the form of a fun little scavenger hunt. Oh and I think I should mention that it’s almost worldwide right now. Let’s Roam can be used in all of North America, all Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, and they have no plans to stop there.

Me: *raving like a lunatic*

You, the reader: “Ok, this sounds pretty neat, and I’m totally going to download the app as soon as I get done reading this, but what does this have to do with food Kyle?”

I’m glad you asked! Let’s Roam Dining is a feature on the app that helps people like me with my dilemma. You know that one place you’ve driven past for ten years and hardly ever noticed; the app wants you to walk into it. More than just walk into it, the feature will offer you discounts and deals as an added incentive to do so. The app even comes with a bar crawl feature! However, the feature with the deals and discounts comes with a price…but it’s not even an unreasonable price! I bought the year plan immediately after the interview with Mr. Harding and it’s only $5.99 a month! And with that, I have access to buy one entrée – get one entrée free deals, first beer is free deals, free appetizers, half price discounts, etc. (each establishment comes with different offers). For only $5.99 a month, I’ll end up saving money with this app. And that excites me, y’all!

This app is the bomb diggity split and if executed correctly, I can see this app being a household name like Lyft and Pinterest. It’s difficult for me to find anything wrong with this app as a whole, and I’m excited to use it once I get some time freed up. This is a perfect tool for Tinder dates, a night out with friends, for couples struggling to decide what they want to eat, for family visiting from out of town, or even for people who just moved in. I highly suggest you and yours take Let’s Roam for a spin and, as Charlie puts it, “wander with purpose”.

Why are you still reading?! Go roam! 

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