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Pandemic Pics | YS Documents the Community


Your donation helps go to our photographers who captured these wonderful images of our communities. The artists all contributed Pro Bono through the month of April, and your donation will directly help them. 

YS also went into Social Distancing as well, and rather than publish something out of date in March, we did not publish SuperKids Camps Guide or April. Our Spring 2020 Issue is heading to the street this week as a Double Issue and life is going to have a moment of normal. Sit down and enjoy reading it, we promise you will feel connected to the community once again.

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In the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Twenty, here upon the face of our good earth – including here in Boulder County – a great scourge did surface. And that scourge, born of bats on foreign lands, brought with it death, and face masks, and a serious shortage of toilet paper (thankfully the US is so close to Canada). While many did heed the call to #StayHome and responsibly social distance, many did not, and death did have its way with many. Rest in Peace, friends. And many did survive and are surviving, as shops reopen and demands for Applebees and a great cry that “Haircuts are Essential” stand in proxy of the great protest anthems of history. We brave documentarians – they call us essential but French Davis calls us expendable (Duly Noted, Spring 20 issue) – ventured out into the bleak landscape, the post-apocalyptic delirium, to see the emptiness and the madness and the people standing 6 ft. apart as ordered.


These are our Stay-At-Home photos. Of community, and business, and beer. Lots of beer. Of surviving in a plague the likes of which few have seen. Smiles on faces at home. Teddy bears in windows for passing children. Pets out for walks. The shops that remained open, essential, and those that fill them. 


Chris DeCicco for Yellow Scene Magazine



Kenneth Wajda for Yellow Scene Magazine



Ann Lawson for Yellow Scene Magazine

Manuel Rivera for Yellow Scene Magazine


Shared with Us



Ready to Reopen

Social distancing in line

Tina Tran, YS sales rep, at home


Alyson McClaran, Denver-based photojournalist

Alyson McClaran, Denver-based photojournalist

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