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The Big Dream’s Imagination Collaboration Promotes Community, Creativity, and Social Change | Press Release


PRESS RELEASE: Press Releases are provided to Yellow Scene. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.

The Big Dream’s Imagination Collaboration Promotes Community, Creativity, and Social Change


Boulder, Colorado – On July 10, 2021, The Big Dream will be hosting the Imagination Collaboration, a Creativity Accelerator focused on community-building, creativity and social change. Part festival and part conference, the one-day event features five hours of interactive workshops, immersive art and a night time music and dance event. The Imagination Collaboration will be hosted at Junkyard Social Club, a new community-built adventure playground, immersive art hub and gathering space. The Big Dream is a socially regenerative project based out of Boulder, Colorado. Proceeds from Imagination Collaboration will support the year-round free programming that The Big Dream provides for the community.

The event features local workshops and speakers who are in line with The Big Dream’s mission of promoting more creative and adventurous living. Legendary and internationally renowned local artist Android Jones will take the stage for an interactive workshop, as will Big Dream Founder Diana Sabreen and the founders of Junkyard Social Club. Other workshops include fun and creative subjects such as group yoga, songwriting, poetry and breathwork. Participants can take a deeper dive by choosing the events based on personal empowerment, and inspirational stories by diverse local leaders who have overcome great challenges. 

The Big Dream and Imagination Collaboration founder Diana Sabreen is a life-long female entrepreneur and activist based in Boulder, Colorado. Her life’s work is to help people empower themselves to create the lives they want to be living, and to help those people pass on that empowerment to others. She is a performer, immersive artist, educator, wilderness guide, professional photographer, and founder of Shoot Cameras Not Guns. Sabreen says, “I’ve never lived a ‘normal’ life and I want people to know that they too can create their new normal. I thrive on inspiring people to actively choose a life that fulfills them and creates positive social change in the world. We can choose to do things differently, to learn and change from the last year, and to actively create the world we want to live in.” 

The event runs 1pm-10pm with tickets starting at $50 for a full-day pass. Tickets, info, a full schedule and presenter bios are available at https://thebigdream.life/imaginationcollaboration. Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are still available for anyone who would like to get more involved in creating the event. Interested parties should contact info@thebigdream.life.

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