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Erie didn’t just celebrate Pride, they were Out Loud and Proud by the thousands

Erie didn’t just celebrate Pride, they were Out Loud and Proud by the thousands


Erie CO Being Better Neighbors Pride Day, June 5 2022

What a day! Erie turned out in a big way for the Inaugural Pride Celebration hosted by Being Better Neighbors, on June 5th with approximately 3,000 – 3,500 people estimated to be in attendance throughout the event.

No one really officially counted, but it was clear by the ongoing large crowd throughout the day, that the community was ready to welcome everyone.

The entertainment lived up to the day as well with professional and fun-filled artists ready to make us smile and dance including the joyous performances by:

Mile High Freedom Band
Felony Misdemeanor
Shirley Delta Blow Story Time
Zarah Misdemeanor
Vertigo Road
Cheer Colorado
KingVaughnz Spanic
DJ Drake

There were even some elected officials in the crowd including State Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Louisville Mayor (and Boulder County Commissioner candidate) Ashley Stolzmann.

In spite of a couple of letters to the Board of Trustees, (mostly citing Tucker Carlson), the event went off without a hitch. While Parasol Patrol was ready to wave with their colorful umbrellas – for those who might choose hate over love – the “noise” remained mostly online. Only love was visible through this day.

Erie CO Being Better Neighbors Pride Day, June 5 2022

The entire event was happy, smiling, joyous faces celebrating life and just as the day was finishing, a short thunderstorm broke out followed by a double rainbow to end the day.

Shirley Delta Blow

Erie CO DEI Board (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)


“Wow, Erie really came through! We were LOUD and you made us PROUD!

What a fun 1st Annual Pride Celebration!!! I went with 3 generations…..an older couple who had to hide their love for 20 years until they could get married 8 years ago, my generation who continues to support Pride so our future generation knows they can be who they are, and are supported and loved no matter what. And no one rained on our parade! Mother nature held the rain until the festival was over and a beautiful rainbow appeared! LOVE WINS!!! ”  – Ting Sutana, Erie

Being Better Neighbors formed in 2020 following 1,000 people in Erie coming out to march for Racial Justice.

They will be hosting Juneteenth, on June 18th in Downtown Erie as well.

Learn more about Being Better Neighbors and the upcoming Juneteenth on their Facebook Page or through their website.

Keep scrolling for the fabulous photos provided by YS and multiple community members.


The Voices you don’t always know are there. 1000 Erieites stand in solidarity June 13th, 2020



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