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Female-Founded Sweet Sisters Bake Shop Opens in South Boulder

Female-Founded Sweet Sisters Bake Shop Opens in South Boulder


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Boulder, CO – Mentorship led to the friendly acquisition of the famous gluten-free Kim and Jake’s Cakes. The two 20-something sisters worked for Kim and Jake Rosenbarger for five years until they were able to buy out the outpost location in South Boulder.

“We take pride in making everything we offer from scratch in-house so you can enjoy it in yours.”
— Sydney Klinkerman, Founder and CEO

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Sweet Sisters Bake Shop, the South Boulder-based bakery, has announced its grand opening in the location formerly known as Kim and Jake’s Cakes. Sweet Sisters Bake Shop is owned and operated by sisters Sydney and Jordan Klinkerman, who were privy to extensive mentoring from Kim and Jake Rosenbarger while working at their cake shop and subsequently bought the South Boulder cake shop in a friendly acquisition thus allowing Kim and Jake to focus on their packaged goods brand: Kim and Jake’s Gluten-Free.

The Klinkerman sisters worked for Kim and Jake’s Cakes for five years and developed a close relationship with the owners and their son August. Hard work and dedication to their craft allowed them to be able to buy out the South Boulder location and transform it into their own bakery, Sweet Sisters Bake Shop. The sisters are proud to offer all their entirely gluten-free products made from scratch in-house, using only the freshest ingredients and recipes identical to those used at Kim and Jake’s Cakes. This unique harmonic relationship affords patrons the pleasure of all of their iconic favorites, and also the excitement of ongoing new items to be offered such as seasonal pies.

“Baking has been our passion for as long as we can remember,” said Sydney Klinkerman, founder and CEO of Sweet Sisters Bake Shop. “We were always trying new recipes and destroying our parents’ kitchen in the process. Once I found the TV show Cake Boss I watched almost every episode, I knew I wanted to own my own cake shop and thanks to Kim and Jake, that dream has become a reality.”

Sisters Sydney and Jordan Klinkerman are just 24 and 26 and were able to obtain a “perfect” business loan to fund the venture.

Sweet Sisters Bake Shop offers a wide variety of celiac-approved gluten-free baked goods, including cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Their specialties are their daily gluten-free baguettes (often sold out by mid-day,) luscious carrot cake, and signature Herbs de Provence cake, a twist on a honey cake: a savory lavender cake with apricot honey filling and goat cheese icing which continues to grow in popularity during the last couple of years. They also carry sandwich bread and pizza dough.

Like the former Kim and Jake’s Cakes, the bakery is committed to using high-quality ingredients and ensuring that each customer who walks in feels like family.

“We take pride in making everything we offer from scratch in-house so you can enjoy it in yours,” said Jordan Klinkerman, co-founder of Sweet Sisters Bake Shop.

Well-loved national brand Kim and Jake’s Gluten-Free was founded in 2010 and will continue to focus on its packaged baked goods line of rustic bread, buns, and cookies.

Jake Rosenbarger stated, “We are so fortunate to have Jordan and Sydney take over the cake shop, they are fantastic people who share our values, we couldn’t have asked for better custodians to carry the torch.”

Sweet Sisters Bake Shop also accommodates most allergies and offers nut-free, vegan, corn-free, and soy-free cakes. “Everyone has been so excited and supportive of our shop and we are extremely grateful to have the privilege of serving this community,” says the founder and CEO of Sweet Sisters, Sydney Klinkerman.

For more information on Sweet Sisters Bake Shop, visit their website or contact them via email at cakes@sweetsistersboulder.com.

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