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Campaign for 1B Gains Support from throughout the County

Campaign for 1B Gains Support from throughout the County


Press releases are provided to Yellow Scene. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.

Today (10/23/23), the Yes on 1B Campaign announced it has received endorsement from over 30 community organizations, and 17 different elected officials.  Throughout the County a wide group of organizations including nonprofits, business groups, local governments and elected officials have come together to endorse County Issue 1B. All these organizations and individuals know how important it is that we find ways of addressing our housing problem.  County Issue 1B will benefit young people, seniors, employers, working people and families and individuals with limited incomes in our community. Business organizations include the Chamber of Commerce and Prosper Longmont.  Community serving non-profits have endorsed such as Sister Carmen, and the Emergency Family Assistance Center, as well as advocacy organizations like Together Colorado, the East County Housing Opportunity Coalition, and Plan Boulder County.  All these groups have seen the need for housing funding in order to offset the high cost of housing.

The Yes on 1 B Campaign will be continuing to collect endorsements throughout October, and endorsements can be found on our web page at www.yeson1b.com.  Local communities will leverage these dollars with other moneys to have a big impact on housing in our community.  Recent surveys by the Department of Local Affairs shows that every government dollar invested in housing can generate up to 8 dollars in investment from other sources.

For more information contact:
Annmarie Jensen
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