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Observations While Sitting At Walker’s Watching Cars Go By

Observations While Sitting At Walker’s Watching Cars Go By


I can’t decide if my chest pains
are from anxiety or heart burn.
Punishing myself for the past.

What I do know…
The wind blows sticks off trees
and those sticks multiply
when you pick them up.

Bartenders fail to put
adequate amounts of
Bitters in old fashions.

My soul sounds like
a dobro right now.
Vibrations define us.

The woman next to me
is beautiful drinking
Jameson on the rocks.

The lone ice cube in my drink
was hung by a Vigilante
in a past life.

The squirrels are part of a conspiracy
to make The Airedale bark.
I’ve heard this from the crows.

I live in perpetual limbo
like a ship never to port.
I survive the seas with things I carry.


Ian Dundas
Ian A Dundas is a 4th generation Montanan who never inherited the family ranch. Instead, he knocked around and stopped writing for 17 years only to now surface in an attempt to regain some failed potential. If there is any. He has been forged by the land, the sudden changing weather, the cities, the small rural towns, and the bars. Ian is a 2003 graduate of Rocky Mountain College and currently works his dead end job in Billings, Montana where he lives in a small house with his dogs.

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