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We Don’t Tolerate Genocide

We Don’t Tolerate Genocide


Letter to the Editor from Evan Ravitz

My mom’s Jewish family fled Nazi Germany in 1932 to London, then a farm during the bombing, then Toronto and then Mexico City before finally allowed into the US in 1940. The US and its mideast buddies Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt etc., have turned “never again” into again and again, now risking nuclear world war.

Please watch the 2012 documentary The Gatekeepers, which interviews all six former directors of the Israeli FBI, called Shin Bet, who spent their careers fighting terrorism. They all say Israel is causing terrorism; one uses the Nazi comparison.

2nd Congressional District Representative Joe Neguse is the son of refugees from colonial Eritrea, yet votes repeatedly to fund Israel’s violent settler colonialism, a black man supporting Israeli apartheid, and a tool of the money and power of AIPAC, his biggest contributor this year, giving him $33,400.

Joe’s Facebook post says, “I’ve often wondered how different my life would have been had my parents been unable to immigrate to the US.” Joe: ask the 2 million dying Palestinians who can’t leave Gaza- because you vote to keep it that way! Or ask my family. We don’t tolerate genocide, of anyone!

Joe’s newsletter this week is mostly about Joe bringing home the bacon for us. Nothing about the wars he funds with our money, causing terrorism, real anti-semitism, attacks on shipping, Iran’s nuclear program, and now genocide.

Joe has had months to find his moral compass but is still lost in a sickening sea of blood money and power. Please tell this lost soul what to do: CongressmanJoeNeguse@mail.house.gov

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