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Scene Stealers | February 2024

Scene Stealers | February 2024


Super Diamond at Fox Theatre

The self-proclaimed “Surreal Neil” a.k.a Randy Codeiro has been performing Neil Diamond’s greatest hits for decades, making Super Diamond arguably the best-known and most beloved tribute act in the history of popular music. It’s the perfect confluence of spectacle and song — a bejeweled experience that celebrates one of America’s finest troubadours, with all of the schmaltz and panache of the original, yet just enough self-awareness and humor to keep things from being too self-reverential. It’s the perfect date night out concert with your loved one or your own mother — both are guaranteed to enjoy every minute of it. At the Fox Theatre on Feb. 23. Doors open at 7 p.m., tickets are $25+, visit www.FoxTheatre.com for more information. 

Performing Self at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts

Currently on exhibition at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts, Performing Self is a multidisciplinary show in which seven different artists celebrate their own identities through alter egos and personae. With works ranging from photography to video, paintings and installations, artists Tobias Fike, Noa Fodrie, Laura Lee Shill, Louis Trujillo, Eriko Tsogo and Sherry Wiggins & Luís Filipe Branco reveal their self-portraiture in a very image-conscious culture. This exhibit is on display through April 28 at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Visit www.bmoca.org for more info.

Snake at Theatre Company of Lafayette

In Snake by local playwright Paul Wells, a documentary crew visits the Everglades only to wind up lost and surrounded by killer pythons. Their hope for a savior comes in the form of a mysterious hermit who lives in among the Everglades trees and has a connection to the pythons. As the reality of their situation sets in, the group of documentarians must work together to survive. At the Theatre Company of Lafayette, February 23 through March 10. Tickets are $25 online at tclstage.org, or 720-503-0024.

Stay Puft at Dairy Center for the Arts

In Chinese mythology the qilin is a being that appears as a harbinger of birth and death, often signaling the passing of a wise sage or the birth of a new leader. In his latest exhibition Stay Puft, artist Chinn Wang explores the transitions into life and death via the qilin while experimenting with visual language and iconography to play with the ideas of mortality. The exhibit is on display through March 30, with an opening reception on Feb. 23 at the Polly Addison Gallery at the Dairy Center for the Arts, Visit www.TheDairy.org for more information.

G-Love and Special Sauce at Fox Theatre

“I think Colorado as a whole has been historically a live-music haven. There’s a lot of young, freewheeling and open-minded people in Colorado, and since we first dropped in ’94 we have been embraced. Boulder in particular was the epicenter for our vibration out there and we played the shit out of the Fox Theater over the years.” That’s how G. Love and Special Sauce frontman Garret Dutton framed his love for our state when we last chatted with him back in 2012 (“Four Questions with Pop Favorite: G. Lov,” January 2, 2012). He’s played countless shows here since, and each one remains as funky and groove-laden as the one before it. Catch them at the Fox Theatre on March 16. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., tickets are $39.50+, visit www.FoxTheatre.com for more information.

Talking With… at Dairy Center for the Arts 

Do you remember 1981? Viva Theater sets out to remind you of all the details from 40+ years ago. The play is titled Talking With… and it features 11 women, each with their own story about what it was like to be a woman in 1981. Described as funny, bittersweet and sometimes savage, the play shines a light on who and what we were in a decade where the USSR collapsed, the Berlin Wall came down and MTV changed the face of the entire music industry. See it March 22–April 7 at the Grace Gamm Theatre in the Dairy Center for the Arts Complex. Visit www.TheDairy.org for more information. 



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