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A Little Bit of Magic – Artwork by Matti Berglund and Eva Maier

A Little Bit of Magic – Artwork by Matti Berglund and Eva Maier


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Join The New Local for the opening of a dynamic exhibition that melds playful whimsy with fierce femininity.

“A Little Bit of Magic” is an intriguing collection of paintings by Norwegian-born Matti Berglund and three-dimensional works by Swiss-born Eva Maier.

From Eva’s imaginative ceramic, porcelain and fiber sculptures featuring an array of animal talismans to Matti’s oil-painted goddesses draped in jewels and blooms, over a dozen pieces call to the viewer for closer inspection. Stirring intricacies can be found throughout the work of both artists who craft fanciful lands, fascinating characters and dreamy backstories that are always up for interpretation. Celestial queens, noble hares and curious felines inhabit The New Local’s Annex for this one-of-a-kind show of folk art sure to resonate with anyone who favors spellbinding symbolism and magnetic appeal.

While each female maker has a unique style and explores a different medium through which to express their mixed-media work, both offer a palpable sense of spirited enchantment and unrelenting mystery within their charismatic creations. Enter a charming and colorful world inspired by European folklore, mythology, spirit animals and fairy tales of long ago. The New Local is thrilled to showcase the alluring creations of two European talents into July.

As part of The New Local’s “Artists in Residency and Community” program, Eva and Matti will work with queer teens from the Out Boulder County community in June, leading a two-day workshop to create paper-mache masks. This workshop, held during Pride Month, will let students fully express their creative side.

All artwork in “A Little Bit of Magic” is for sale. Visit thenew-local.org/collections/a-little-bit-of-magic to explore the full collection. The exhibition is open Tuesday-Friday from 11a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 p.m., through the close of the exhibition, Eva and Matti will be in The Annex to create onsite and chat with visitors.

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