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EDoS: Nature with Neighbors Project Achieves Resounding Success

EDoS: Nature with Neighbors Project Achieves Resounding Success


Press releases are provided to Yellow Scene Magazine. In an effort to keep our community informed, we publish some press releases in whole.

Erie, CO – The Rotary: Nature with Neighbors project, a community-driven initiative to create a pollinator garden, concluded with outstanding success. This collaborative effort brought together volunteers from various community groups, including Friends of Coal Creek (FoCC), the Rotary Club, local scouts, and numerous community members.

Exceptional Volunteer Turnout and Efficient Execution

The project witnessed an exceptional turnout, exceeding initial expectations:

42 Community Volunteers

24 Scouts and Parents

FoCC Volunteers

Rotary Volunteers

Several individuals joined spontaneously after learning about the project via Facebook or the town fair, with some registered volunteers bringing along spouses or friends. These contributions highlight the community’s enthusiasm and support.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of all participants, the project was completed in about half the anticipated time, showcasing the efficiency and dedication of everyone involved.

Surpassing Fundraising Goals

Fundraising efforts for the project exceeded expectations:

Corporate Donors: Two corporate donors contributed over $4000.

Small Donors: Several small donors contributed an additional $1300+.

Budget Efficiency and Future Plans

The budget for the project was managed efficiently, with plant costs being about half of what was expected. The city also covered the costs for fencing, signage, and other essential items. With the remaining budget, the team is well-positioned to undertake a second, larger-scale project in the fall.

Community and Town Response

The project’s success has significantly impressed the town and community. The ability to muster such a large volunteer force has instilled confidence in local authorities, who are now actively scouting for the next pollinator space, expected to be identified within the next eight weeks.

Upcoming Social Event

To celebrate the project’s success and foster community spirit, a social event barbecue will be hosted on the project site on May 30th. The Rotary will provide brats and drinks, and dozens of community members have already committed to attending.

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