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yellow scene  magazine cover for January 2021

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Hood Guide 2021 | Home & Hood

A Hood Guide looking at six City versus Country neighborhoods in Boulder County

Home & Hood

News Roundup | Home & Hood

HERE’S YOUR HOME & HOOD NEWS ROUNDUP AS WE ENTER 2021: THE SELLER’S MARKET The holiday season usually sees a decline in the number of homes listed for sale, but this November hit another record low — just 3,415 single family home listings — as buyers continue to purchase homes at high rates, according to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors. A record...

BOCO’s Home Away From Home | Home & Hood

In the days before air conditioning, easy indoor home entertainment, and automatic garage door openers, neighborhoods connected to each other on America’s front porches and back yards. They relaxed and talked, sometimes for hours, with a drink, a cigarette, or a plate of food from the grill. Now, we’re living in a time when nearly everyone drives out of...

Build It Up Break It Down and Stop Single Use | Home & Hood

A Homeowner's Guide to Biodegradable Home Improvement Options Before you rush to the big box store for building materials, consider using biodegradable options for your walls, floors and outdoor surfaces. What does biodegradable mean? If something is biodegradable, given the right conditions and presence of microorganisms, fungi, or bacteria, it will eventually break down and blend back in with...

Gardens of the Mind: Mental Health Improvements for Prisoners Found in the Earth | Home & Hood

The benefits of mother nature’s greatest gift, plants, are endless and everyone on this little planet deserves a connection with our roots. Plants are the key to our reconnection to the core of the human spirit.

Home Products | Home & Hood

THE TRENDS ARE IN AND WE'RE TRENDING INDOOR GARDENS. MyMove.com crunched the numbers and found the top three trends of 2021 using search increases: MICRO GREENS ARE UP 223% I remember the days when grandma and mom would grow their own herbs and produce - and plenty of beautiful flowers - at home with a small garden. Just like mom, you can set up a window box or a...