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yellow scene  magazine cover for July 2018

Home & Hood

Renovation Revolution | Home & Hood

Now that 2018 is in full swing and the first wildflowers are popping up everywhere we look, we’re ready to truly start fresh. It’s time to clean out the garage, actually stick to our resolution diets (most of the time), and take on that postponed project full force. Let's go. As we refresh ourselves, why not refresh our homes, too? There is no better feeling than loving the place you live...

DIY Gardens: The Beauty (and Ease) of Homemade Creations for Your Outdoor Spaces | Home & Hood

The goal of developing a garden space is to enjoy the beauty of nature with an intentional design (even if the intention is wild). Design and design elements depend on vision, ability, and options - some opt for do-it-yourself projects that get the hands dirty and ups the gratification levels while others may decide that a professional, contracted expert will do it best, leaving you to sip...

Colorado Thriftiquing | Home & Hood

Your home, each home, has a unique feel or tone to it. While life in Colorado has its ubiquitous customs, there are many subcultures in "Coloradan." BOCO has many thrift, antique, used gear, and furniture stores, for example, and each store has its own uniquities. Some homes look better with antiques and classic rugs laid about, while others rock a more modern vibe. Similarly, certain styles of...

Also in This Edition

Timeline of Progress: Boulder County | Home & Hood

I'm sure you've heard that Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither was Colorado. At the risk of adage abuse, I've also heard told, everyone's on their way to Colorado. Some just take longer to get here. This timeline is the story of the getting here, from the Native Americans to "natives." It's a beautiful story. Pre-Colonization: - Indigenous people have occupied these lands as far back as...