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Renovation Revolution | Home & Hood


Photo courtesy of Ute Vandenberghe Interior Design

Now that 2018 is in full swing and the first wildflowers are popping up everywhere we look, we’re ready to truly start fresh. It’s time to clean out the garage, actually stick to our resolution diets (most of the time), and take on that postponed project full force. Let’s go.

As we refresh ourselves, why not refresh our homes, too?

There is no better feeling than loving the place you live. We know you love Boulder as much as we do, and we want to help ensure your home makes you feel the same way.

We’ve talked to builders, buyers, and long-term residents to find out what the hottest home trends are right now in the kitchen, bath, and basement.

Boulder is in a building boom and that means tons of new ideas for updating your home, whether you’re a brand new homeowner or a seasoned pro. Not only will you be totally inspired by these Boulder home goals, you’ll find some amazing tips that make them work best for you.

Whether your home style is super contemporary, Tuscan, modern farmhouse, or anything in between, here you’ll find the most important remodeling trends for your home – and even some juicy insider tips to get you ahead of the game. We’ll also tell you the most important room to update in your home – is it the kitchen, bath, or basement? Keep reading, we’ve done the dirty work to obtain all the answers you seek and more.

Photo courtesy of Ute Vandenberghe Interior Design

Let There Be Light – Lots of It

There’s no question about it – plenty of light is a must-have in your BOCO home. Not only does it brighten up the space, but it also makes any room feel larger and more welcoming. With 300 days of sunshine to enjoy each year, you should be able to enjoy every ounce of it throughout your space.

According to John Joseph of Phoenix Home Remodeling, light is the ultimate trend for all parts of the home right now. Of course it’s important to have natural light from larger windows and skylights, but he recommends including lighter-colored home elements like cabinets and paint as well. This helps to enhance the light and truly bring the space to life. Just imagine that sunshine beaming down on your huge frameless shower from the bath skylight – does it get any more luxurious?

PSST… INSIDER TIP: Joseph says that in the kitchen, lighter cabinetry colors are becoming increasingly popular. Show off that perfect contrast with beautiful dark-stained wood floors for a complete modern kitchen look.

Kitchen expert Diane White from Studio3 agrees that tons of light in every form is a must. Very artistic light fixtures are being seen in kitchens and finished basement and homeowners are including large pendants instead of smaller light fixtures that fade into  the background. It’s important to highlight this kind of space with bold yet neat statements for a complete look. (So that ‘it’s lit,’ as the kids say.)

Lighting can be customized to fit your personality as well as that of your home. Boulder homeowner Erik Henry couldn’t be more thrilled about having enhanced his new home with plenty of light throughout the interior. He utilizes both floor-to-ceiling windows as well as unique light fixtures that pop against a bright background. “I find it’s both pleasant to live in but also looks great [to others] when a unit has a bright and positive look to it,” Henry says.

Photo courtesy of Jen Simon

Gone are the days of dark, dank and dusty basements you’re reluctant to go inside in fear of what you might find. (An old tool set you haven’t touched in six years? Kids’ toys you couldn’t bear to part with after they went off to college? The possibilities were endless.) Now basements are opening up to be a full extension of the home.

Co-owner and founder of SoBo Homes Mike D’Onofrio suggests using new large egress windows in the basement. Having a generous window well instead of the old minimal metal coverings will flood your underground space with light.

To further expand upon your bright, welcoming space, Boulder realtor Deanna Franco of 8030 Realty recommends utilizing an open concept space for the kitchen, dining room and living area. This will make your home feel warm and inclusive while following home remodeling trends. “No one wants to be excluded,” Franco says. She explains this is a priority in most new remodels, as homeowners are seeking to achieve the inclusive effect through an opened floor plan.

It’s absolutely essential to take into account both the physical and ethereal space in your home. Invite in some positivity by planning for light intentionality.

Keep It Simple, Sunshine

You don’t want all of that gorgeous light shining in on an overcrowded mess. A growing trend for Boulder homes right now is a clean, understated look that highlights the most important parts of your kitchen, bath, and basement.

We’re not scientists, but we paid enough attention in school to know that the color white is technically the sum of all colors. Mind blowing, right? This is great news for your home remodel, because you can use white in ways you never thought possible. Or every way you thought possible.

The experts agree that white reigns as the ideal color for your new kitchen, bathroom, and basement. According to real estate developer Rhonda Povich, a self-described “flipper” who buys and renovates home for Firm Foundations Realty, contrasting whites are totally in. Rather than go for the plain all white interior, utilize a variety of white shades such as panda white and chic white to create a subtle contrasting effect. This is especially helpful in the bathroom, where you can class up a smaller space easily.

In the kitchen, Povich recommends concealing outlets under the wall cabinets to give your backsplash a clean and unbroken look. The same goes for the basement: put your outlets, light switches, and other unsightly necessities out of sight with in-wall wiring and a faux cabinet front.

We’re loving the interplay of new design elements, including open floor plans (think inclusion), contrasting whites, and creative concealment and storage ideas.

Povich says that integrated refrigerators that are flush to the cabinets are also a must for a mind-blowing kitchen.

The Smart Bet Is On Smart Storage for Every Room to Make the Most of Your Space.

Ute Smart Storage Kitchen

Going off the smooth, simple trend, Franco suggests including ‘thoughtful storage’ in every room. This means maximizing the potential of your space to store all of your things without jamming it up with unsightly bins or inconvenient storage contraptions. Conceal your pots, pans, and other cookware in an extending kitchen drawer insert and utilize wide, deep set drawers and cabinets to contain everything from non-perishables to your favorite china set.

PSST.. INSIDER TIP: Stay ahead of the trend – White tipped us off that under counter microwave drawers are becoming a must, too!

Decor has changed a lot from your parents’ day, but trends have shifted from your early days of being a homeowner, too. No, you’re not old – the industry just has a lot of exciting trends to keep homes ever-evolving.

“You don’t see that very ornate style anymore,” says Ute Vandenberghe, a kitchen and bath design specialist. “People are looking for clean lines and plain shapes.”

Painted cabinets with lots of clean lines are a big kitchen trend for those seeking simplicity and elegance. Shaker-style cabinetry and slab doors are very plain wooden panels with little to no adornment inspired by the minimalist designs of the early American Shaker religion. These are becoming increasingly popular because they come in a variety of rather modest designs that can be customized to fit each kitchen, so you can modernize and customize them to fit your personal style.

Ute Smart Storage Kitchen

Ute Smart Storage Kitchen

Technology: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

iPhone, iPad. i-whatever… There are a million technological devices on the market now that have seeped into many aspects of our everyday lives – and we all know they barely hold a charge until you get home from work.

All the experts agree: Make sure your home is fully equipped to handle all of your i-whatever devices by installing electrical outlets with full USB capability.

While they’re conveniently resting on your quartz countertop, your phone could be used to monitor your appliances, too! Who needs a robot butler anymore when we have this power at our fingertips? Using a ‘smart’ refrigerator that’s flush to your cabinets brings ubiquitous tech ability right to your kitchen while enhancing comfort and personality.

“Boulder’s green building codes are pointing to where many other municipalities will be heading in the very near future.” – Scott Rodwin

A Touch of Luxury

Not only does it feel good to glam up one aspect of your space, it gives your friends something to rave over, too! Class up your cabinets with a certain luxurious handle or stain that shows you considered even the finest details of your new kitchen – without being too obvious.

Vandenberghe recommends accentuating Shaker-style cabinetry with hardware that fits your home, whether it be modern handles for a modern style home or traditional hardware for a more classic interior. Brass fixtures are being noticed more, as well as an increase in high-gloss wooden doors for a subtle touch of opulence.

PSST… INSIDER TIP: Kitchen and bath designer Jen Simon of The KB Studio filled us in on the best-kept secret of new home remodels: matte cabinets are trending. Boulder is even seeing some black and dark navy cabinetry throughout the kitchen and basement. Simon says this style is extremely cutting edge, so get ahead of this trend if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to luxe up your space.

No matter what style you choose, Vandenberghe emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent style throughout the entire home and choosing styles that best complement you and your family.

Photo courtesy of Deanna Franco

Connect With Nature

More and more people are doing away with a kitchen wall entirely and instead creating an immediate literal connection with the outdoors right from their homes.

According to D’Onofrio, creating this relationship from the indoor to outdoors is of particular importance in the kitchen. While older homes didn’t necessarily consider the potentially gorgeous views or how the outdoors could be integrated with the layout of new homes, newer and recently renovated homes are happy to incorporate the natural side of property right into the building itself.

Povich recommends opening up the back part of your kitchen to the outside by use of a garage door over the window that allows both indoor and outdoor seating. You can also open up by using a bi-fold door to create the desired openness and accessibility at your leisure.

Hardware matters. Maintain consistency throughout.

Be True To Yourself

No matter what your home style, keep in mind that you are the one who is going home to it every day. Remember to stay true to your preferences and maintain a consistent style throughout the home. Don’t fall into ‘Pinterest syndrome,’ as Simon calls it. “You don’t have to follow every trend,” she says. “Keep it simple and pick one unique accent for kitchen or bathroom.”

“My main goal is that when [my clients] come home, they’re wowed every time they come into their own space after a long day at work,” Vanderberghe says. “I feel successful when I do that.”

So what room reigns supreme when it comes to your home remodel?

The kitchen, by a landslide.

Experts and homeowners alike agree that the kitchen is the number one room to remodel. The place that everyone gathers for good food and good company deserves the utmost care and attention. And with so many amazing trends and local resources, your dream kitchen is near. Be aware of your home style and maintain consistency and flow throughout. No matter what, make sure it fits you.

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