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Big Views Or Big Homes


If a 2,600-square-foot home isn’t big enough for you, you probably have way too much stuff. Which is why county commissioners are on the right track in trying to curb the size of homes in wide open spaces. If a home gets too big, commissioners want owners to mitigate environmentally—perhaps with eco-friendly upgrades or by purchasing open space. They’ve taken heat on the issue, but seem hell bent on passing something to foster sustainable growth. They have scaled back original limits to around 5,000 square feet for mountain homes and nearly 7,000 for those in the plains, a far cry from the original call for curbs at 2,600 and 4,000 square feet, respectively.

What’s Next: More than a month into the process, details appear less set in stone than ever before. Commissioners plan on voting on a to-be-determined final proposal by mid-September.

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