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Restaurant Rumblings


Going Wild For Buffalo
The Colorado Coal Company has long been luring customers to Briggs Street in Erie with steaks, burgers and a classic, historic Western feel. It’s worked. But that hasn’t stopped the eatery from improving. You can now order a lean buffalo burger or a succulent buffalo steak. Sales of the new item have slowly been picking up steam since joining the menu last month, meaning it’ll likely become a mainstay. For information on the Colorado Coal Company, 578 Briggs St., call 303.828.4005.

Hippy Bread For All
Boulder has always been a popular place for pseudo hippies to live green, eat organic and ride public transportation. So it makes sense for it to be home to a new commercial bakery, making breads with interesting flavors and organic roots. The Baker Organic offers eight varieties of bread including traditional favorites like whole wheat and seven grain. Then there’s the unique line featuring green tea, goji berry, pomegranate and yoga (pumpkin and sunflower seeds and cranberry) breads. All of The Baker Organic breads are infused with European flavors and have a hearty texture made of organic whole grains, fruit and nuts.

It’s All About The Wine Harvest
When was the last time you celebrated the grape harvest in Colorado? Thought so. Well as the state’s wine industry grows, we think it’s about time you start taking notice. Check out Balistreri Vineyards 2007 Harvest Party on Oct. 7 at its tasting room in north Denver where they’ll be celebrating the Western Slope grape yield. For $48 (in advance), receive a wine glass, appetizers, pizza, a pig roast, desserts, entertainment, tastings, and the new Balistreri wine release. For information on Balistreri Vineyards, 1946 E. 66th Ave., Denver, call 303.287.5156.

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