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Spotlight: The Boulder Theater

Spotlight: The Boulder Theater


The Boulder Theater has been an emblem of Boulder ever since its doors opened as the Curran Opera House in 1906. Its marquee, tile façade, and wall murals have remained the same since its 1936 redesign, a staple of downtown Boulder as a never changing Colorado Historic Landmark.

In its 118 years, the theater has been known mainly for hosting concerts, comedy shows, and annual events like the Boulder International Film Festival. Still, it has always worn many faces for Boulder residents as a multipurpose space for the community, hosting high-school graduations along with parties and other corporate and social events.

“We pride ourselves on being a part of the Boulder community and that mindset is the approach I like to take with our team, artists, and guests. I think that is what sets us apart from other venues,” said Matt Lane, Boulder Theater General Manager.

An important part of the theater’s history and pride is in supporting young, upcoming artists on their road to fame. On that list is the famed Big Head Todd and the Monsters, who credit the Boulder Theater for providing them an outlet to develop as a band in the early days of their career. On their website, the band cites the theater for assisting them in their rise to becoming Denver area’s top band in 1987. Other historic performers include country and rock legends Johnny Cash, Gregg Allman, Lindsey Buckingham, and Billy Idol.

Lane said that supporting artists’ growth and rise to fame is at the heart of what makes working at the theater so fulfilling.

“We have all these young, upcoming bands that never play in a room this size again. It is so rewarding to see these bands grow, starting with small venues like this,” Lane said.

Z2 Entertainment – Colorado’s largest independent live music promotion and entertainment company – currently runs the Boulder Theater’s bookings and operations. The company also operates the Fox Theater and recently began operating the historic Aggie Theater in Fort Collins.

This past year, Z2 Entertainment upgraded the theater’s sound system to the rider-friendly L -Acoustics K3 loudspeaker system. A system that Lane and the team call the “best sound system in Colorado for a room this size.”

The 1,150 person capacity theater creates a unique atmosphere for artists and audiences alike, shrinking the divide between stage and crowd. The intimate space makes the audience a part of the show just as much as the entertainers.

“I can’t tell you how many times a band will come into Boulder Theater and at the end of the night they say that it is the best show on the tour so far. I think I attribute that to the Boulder community and family vibe that we have here at the venue,” said Lane.

To view upcoming events, visit their website at z2event.com/boulder-theater-venue


Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller graduated from the University of Georgia with bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Business Management. When she is not writing or working as a Business Consultant at Ernst & Young, she can be found exploring the Colorado mountains, checking out a local coffee shop or doing yoga. She aspires to produce diverse and valuable journalism for the world in the hopes that it inspires others to become lifelong learners who seek first to understand, then to be understood. Read her portfolio at https://jamiemillerorg.wordpress.com/

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